Survey Design & Data Analysis (MTech Fee Hike Survey)

To be conducted by Vox Populi

Speaker 1

This task can be done in teams of 3-5 students.
The participants will be provided with two documents:
1. A pdf of the survey questionnaire that was circulated
2. An excel sheet consisting of raw data of the responses received

Task 1: Analyse the raw data and draft an exhaustive article/report, which might include graphs/infographics. To do this task, the team will have to:

  • Undertake preliminary research to understand the issue of fee hike in MTech program and the perspectives of different stakeholders involved
  • Conduct preliminary data analysis to present the on-ground situation
  • Hypothesize various relationships like causation, correlation or consequence, and test their hypothesis with the help of the data. For example, if my hypothesis is X led to Y, then I will choose the appropriate fields in the data and look at their correlation to check if this is true.
  • Think of the various shortcomings or caveats associated with the analysis and the conclusions drawn.
  • Present all the above, in a structured, readable and engaging manner.
  • Additional points will be awarded, if significant new and logical findings or conclusions are drawn from the raw data. (‘new’ implies something that we have not already written in the published article.)

Task 2: Think about how the survey could have been improved and present a report on the improvements as well. Some prompts which might help, (but these are not exhaustive, you could suggest any other improvements/criticisms as well)

  • Should some questions/options be added/deleted/edited in the survey?
  • Should some question’s type be changed and why? By type, we mean multiple answer type, single answer type, paragraph type etc.
  • Should some question/option be paraphrased/ edited to make the survey better?
  • Could the structure of the survey be changed? Could there be a better sequence of questions? Why? Could we have made the survey more targeted?

Deadline for team registration: 27th June. Submissions in July