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Antaragni (Hindi: अंतराग्नि; English: The Fire Within) is the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, held in the month of October, and is one of the popular college festivals in India.[1] It is a four-day-long festival, attracting participation from over 200 colleges of India.[2][3] It includes professional shows, competitions, amateur rock bands, Ustads and Pandits, fashion shows, Indian folk dances, and other events..


Techkriti is an annual inter-collegiate technology and entrepreneurship festival organized by the students of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. It was launched in 1995[3] with the aim of developing interest and encouraging innovation in technology among students. Etymologically, the word ‘Techkriti’ is composed of two words, ‘Tech’ in English which stands for technology and ‘Kriti’ in Sanskrit stands for creation, hence, the word ‘Techkriti’ signifies creation or innovation in technology. The festival is held over four days every March, attracting footfall of over 40,000[4] from all over India and abroad.


UDGHOSH, the Annual Sports Festival of IIT Kanpur, is built on the same foundations and propagates the spirit of sports. It provides an arena for student athletes from across the country to lock horns in an epic battle, each determined by the last man standing.UDGHOSH offers a platform for students from all over India to showcase their talent and compete with the best upcoming sport persons in the country in a highly charged and competitive ambiance with highly equipped sports facilities.


About Us

The Students' Gymkhana is the students' government organization of IIT Kanpur. Established in 1962, the Gymkhana seeks to cultivate qualities of leadership amongst students to foster a corporate life and to advance the general cause of the student body of the Institute.




Recent News

  • For the first time in history, IIT Kanpur recently won the General Championship in the Boys Category & has stood overall 3rd in the Girl’s Category in the 49th Inter IIT Sports Meet held at IIT Guwahati.
  • IIT Kanpur Staff contingent has won the General Championship in the Men's category& has stood 2nd place in the Women's category in the 21st Inter IIT Staff Sports Meet 2013 held in IIT Guwhati.
  • Fine Arts Club of IIT Kanpur has grabbed 1st and 2nd prize in Fine Arts Marathon Event held at Mood Indigo IIT Bombay.

Students' Gymkhana Structure

  • Legislative Body

    • Students Senate

      • Standing Council
        • Council Of Students for Hostels Affairs
      • Standing Committees
        • Rules and Procedures Committee
        • Finance Committee
        • Steering Committee
        • Nominations Committee
        • Committee of Festival Affairs
  • Executive body

    • Councils

      • General Affairs Council
      • Cultural Council
        • Clubs
          • Dance Club

          • Dramatics Club

          • Fine Arts Club

          • Literary Society

          • Music Club

          • Quiz Club

        • Hobby Groups
          • Discussion and Debate Society

      • Films and Media Council
        • Clubs
          • Design Club

          • Film Club

          • Photography Club

          • Radio FM 90.4

          • Students’ Film Society

          • VoxPopuli

        • Hobby Groups
          • Animation Hobby Group

          • Anime Society

      • Games and sports Council
        • Clubs
          • Adventure Club

          • Chess Club

          • Shooting ClubShooting Club

          • Card and Board Games Club

          • Skating Club

          • Taekwondo Club

          • Yoga Club

        • Hobby Groups
          • Bicycling Hobby Group

          • BoxingHobby Group

        • Teams
          • Cricket

          • Football

          • Badminton

          • Table Tennis

          • Basketball

          • Hockey

          • Squash

          • Lawn Tennis

          • Aquatics

          • Volleyball

          • Athletics

          • Weightlifting

      • Science and Technology Council
        • Clubs
          • Aeromodelling Club

          • Astronomy Club

          • Business Club

          • Electronics Club

          • Robotics Club

          • Programming Club

        • Hobby Groups
          • Brain Hobby Group

          • DesCon Hobby Group

          • Gliding Hobby Group

          • Rubik’s Cube Hobby Group

          • Science Coffee Houses

        • Teams
          • Robocon

          • Baja SAE

          • Formula SAE

          • AUV

    • Cells

      • Community Welfare Cell
        • Wings
          • Unmukt

          • Prayas

          • Raktarpan

          • Pragati

          • Prakrati

      • Academics and Research Cell
        • Wings
          • UG Academics

          • PG Academics

          • Research

      • Entrepreneurship Cell
        • Wings
          • Campus

          • Web

          • Events

          • CorporateRelations

          • SIP

          • Marketing

          • Media and Publicity

          • Finance and Logistics

          • Design