Fake News/ Satire writing

To be conducted by Vox Populi

Speaker 1

Participants have to build a written piece of about 500-600 words (at max) accordingly in line with the category. The articles could be worked on in a group of size 2 to 4. The team could also prepare a cover page with a relevant comic/graphic work if the comics competition is to be merged with this competition. Having graphic work would ensure a complete article.

Fake News: Cover the working of councils
The clubs and societies at IITK surely do not work to their full efficiency and output. Imagine a club magically gets the most efficient leadership and the best secretary cohort. Describe what the club/society was able to achieve through the tenure and how was their work perceived by the Junta (“Oh another event this Saturday? Must be Club XYZ at work!”) (or) (So many MoUs were signed that there was no ink left)

Satire: FCH
The online mode of instruction saw the most aberrant grading policies and parameters taken into consideration by the professors, not only at IITK but also other institutes. Design a First Course Handout for a Non-existent course and discuss the course outline and grading policy in a short document styled piece.

Fake news: PTM conducted for a week - Profs discussing students progress, etc
Imagine IITK declares a Parent-Teacher Meet for their first year students. Describe scenes from the event and how professors and parents react to student's performance and participation in their respective courses

Deadline for registration: 20th June    Last Date for making Submissions: 28th June    Live status: Results out!