To be conducted by Public Policy and Opinion Cell

Speaker 1

Knowledge is not enough, we must know how to apply it. PPOC brings you the opportunity to brainstorm over problems present in our society and present innovative policy measures and decisions to create a large-scale impact in a diverse society like ours.

Round 1:
Participants are expected to make a policy brief about the topic (which will be released 4 days in advance) in front of the panel. The topics will be from Covid-19 Management, Education, and Climate & Environment. They will have to briefly explain the issue, present alternate solutions and policy changes for the government substantiated by facts and statistical calculations.

Round 2:
Based on the Policy Brief, the qualified teams have to make a presentation. A 15-minute slot will be given to each participant (8 minutes of presentation and 7 minutes of question answer session).

Judging Criteria:
Research and content of Policy Brief: 30%
Presentation: 20%
Rebuttal: 30%
Speaking skills: 10%
Aesthetics and pictorial depiction supported with data (Policy Brief and Presentation): 10%

Live Status: Results out!