To be conducted by Entrepreneurship Cell

Speaker 1

Designathon is a product design competition, where you get an opportunity to find a problem, build a solution, design a product prototype and pitch your idea to esteemed judges.

Stage 1: Problem Identification
Given below is a list of sectors in which you can identify the problem you wish to solve. The problem can be from any domain under these sectors. Come up with a single feasible solution for the problem identified. You can also come up with a new idea for the betterment of the sector while keeping in mind its feasibility and business plans. Teams will be shortlisted for further rounds on the basis of their solutions.

List of sectors:

  • Security
  • Food Industry
  • Travel Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Entertainment Industry
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Stage 2: Presenting business plan
You have to come up with a business plan which will be a roadmap of how your solution can be implemented, its scalability and the potential market, financial and operational standpoints.
A panel of judges will be judging your solutions & business plans and will provide valuable feedback which you can incorporate in the later stages and work on improving your solution. We expect you to present your business plans and solutions in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or any other similar platform. You can include some creatives to enhance your presentation.

Stage 3: Prototype making
The prototype can be a working model of an app/website (made using softwares like Figma, Adobe XD, etc.) or a 3D model of a working mechanical device (made using 3D design softwares like TinkerCAD, SketchUp, etc.). You can also use other methodologies for making prototypes if you find them fit. You must also prepare a Product Requirement Document for your prototype. If there is a requirement for mentorship by any team, we would be assigning you a mentor.

Pitching to judging panel
The best solutions will be rewarded. This will be counted as the final presentation which will be a combination of the whole of your work. You will also have to prepare a pitch deck that will enclose your solution, business plan along with the prototype presentation. You will be given 10-12 mins of time for your pitch followed by the prototype presentation.

Weightage of each round :
Stage 1: 20%
Stage 2: 20%
Stage 3: 35%
Stage 4: 25%

Identify problem & presenting a solution - July 27
Presenting Business Plan - July 27
Prototype making - August 19
Pitching - August 19 & 20