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5th(Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2023-24 

The 5th (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2023-24 is scheduled for 10:00PM, 8th November, 2023 at Senate Hall, New SAC. The Agenda for the same is as follows:

Agenda for the 2023-24/5th (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate

Agenda ItemDocumentsProposed by
Announcements, Questions and Remarks, if any
To ratify the minutes of the following meetings:
1. 4th (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2023-24
4th_Special_MinutesPrashant Kumar Mishra, Chairperson, Students’ Senate
Action Taken ReportATR 
Contention against Vox PopuliContention DocumentAnimesh Singh, General Secretary, Games & Sports ‘22-23
Post Conduction Report for Takneek’23Post Conduction ReportGeneral Secretary, Science and Technology Council
Proposal to Introduce Mentor(s) for MnC ClubsMnC Mentors ProposalSanket Dutta, MSR Senator
Proposal for formation of Research Club(s)Research Club ProposalGeneral Secretary (PG), Academics and Career Council
To consider the proposal – Installing First Aid Kits at SiS postsFirst Aid Sis Post ProposalAbhiraj Akhouri, Senator BT/BS Y21
To consider the proposal to – Recognize the position of Subsystems Head(s) within IITK
IITKMS Subsystems HeadTeam Heads, IITK Motorsports
To consider the proposal to increase washrooms with western commodes in hostelsProposal DocSiddhant Jakhotiya, Senator BT/BS Y21
Meghana Boddu, Senator BT/BS Y23
Parv Jain, Senator BT/BS Y23

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