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3rd (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2023-24

The 3rd (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2023-24 is scheduled for 8:30PM, 4th October 2023 at Senate Hall, New SAC. The Agenda for the same is as follows:

Agenda for the 2023-24/3rd (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate

Agenda ItemDocumentsProposed by
Announcements, Questions and Remarks, if any
To ratify the minutes of the following meetings:
1. 2nd (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2023-24
2. 4th (Special) Meeting of COFA 2023-24
2023-24/2nd (Special) Meeting Minutes 

Minutes of the 4th Special Meeting of CoFA 2023-24.pdf  
Prashant Kumar Mishra, Chairperson, Students’ Senate
Action Taken ReportATR 
To consider the Pre-Conduction Report (PCR) for Udghosh`23Pre-Conduction Report, Udghosh’23 (2).pdf
Senate Finance Report – Finance Report.pdf
Festival Coordinator, Udghosh`23
To consider the results of Midterm/By-Election 2023-24Mid-Term and By-Elections 2023 Results Chief Election Officer, Election Commission
To consider the Post-Conduction Report of Takneek`23Takneek 23-24 _ Post-conduction.pdf
General Secretary, Science and Technology Council
To consider the proposal – Installing First Aid Kits at SiS postsFirst_Aid_Kit_SiS_Post.pdf Abhiraj Akhouri, Senator BT/BS Y21
To consider the proposal – Construction of a road in front of L20 complexConstruction of a road in front of L20 complex.pdfSiddhant Jakhotiya, Senator BT/BS Y21

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