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About Us

Shooting Club at IIT Kanpur is one of a kind to feed your craving of perfection. A very new club, it was formed with the sole objective of uncovering the best and the brightest assets among the campus community who share the passion of perfection.

About Sport

Shooting originated as a means of survival, and it was practiced in order to hunt. After the Industrial Revolution, shooting evolved into an elite sport. It is predominantly a skill-based sport where consistency, accuracy, and concentration are key features over one particular body type. There are 2 categories in shooting sports, 1. Pistol: Short firearms held with one unsupported hand in a standing position. Different pistols used for different events e.g. air pistols that use compressed air to discharge lead pellets, rapid fire pistols in which 5 pellets are shot in quick succession and traditional or free pistols which shoot one pellet at a time. 2. Rifles: Shoulder firearms. Air rifles use compressed air to discharge lead pellets. Rifles are fired in either a prone, standing, or kneeling position depending on the event, and the “three position” events incorporate all three.



Meet our Team


Rahul Godara
Rahul Godara