Welcome to Games & Sports Council

Games and Sports Council heartily congratulates and welcomes you to IIT Kanpur. We all cherish playing with our friends and understand the significance of sports in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We, at IIT Kanpur are blessed to have one of the most vibrant campus in the country in terms of sporting facilities and culture.

Games and Sports Council, a p e Students’ Gymkhana is responsible for management and conduction of sporting events in the campus and to support the desires of everyone to pursue a sport of their choice. Since its conception in 1962 the council strives to promote the involvement and participation of the campus junta in sports. The council is a perfect reach for everybody, whether you want to play a sport for recreation or for representing the institute, or take part in the interesting club activities, or participate in the intensive workshops conducted throughout the year.

To develop the sports person in you, in whatever sport you feel like, all you need to do is put your sports gear on and reach the desired venue; our system is backed up by a set of highly professional coaches and sufficient logistics for everyone. Your needs will be taken care of. In case of queries, kindly consult the suitable person mentioned in the contact section.


Join the Sports for passion, hobby or even as a carrer ,




Enthusiasm is only the Prerequiste for any game.