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There are host of activities in which you can volunteer:

1. Teach ANY subject of your choice to ANY class at the evening school. Everything is managed by the student volunteers only so everything is completely flexible.

2. Moral Education: Narrate a story and give the kids lessons of life. More important than any other class, these 15-20 minute sessions before every evening class are the fastest and sweetest way to volunteer.

3. Anything else you want to involve in. Talk to the other volunteers and share with them any constructive idea you have.


Its not only money which you can give.....

1.Old story books and magazines which you think can be of value to kids

2.Children love drawing and we are always short of blank pages. Pages from your examination copies, even slightest thing like back side of notices which are put up everywhere in your halls are very useful. Do spare a moment to collect such things and contact us.

3.Purchase beautiful greetings and friendship bands made from drawings of the children.

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