Council of Festival Affairs (COFA)

The festival teams work under the ambit of the Students’ Gymkhana and derive their authority from the Constitution of the Students’ Gymkhana and the Festival Manual (Appendix E), and are consequently subject to the policies laid down by the Students’ Senate and the Institute from time to time. The festivals are supervised by the Council of Festival Affairs (CoFA), which shall have one standing committee for each festival, viz. Sub-Committee of Festival Affairs (Antaragni), Sub-Committee of Festival Affairs (Udghosh) and Sub-Committee of Festival Affairs (Techkriti) on behalf of the Senate.

The CoFA, through its standing committees, formulate policies governing the respective festival on all matters pertaining to the festival. The CoFA can forward these policies to the FAC or the Senate for higher approval. The Core Teams are collectively responsible to the FAC and the CoFA (and through the CoFA, the Senate) for the successful conduction of the festival, and update the CoFA and the FAC about the status of the festival from time to time.

The SCoFA(s) shall make short-term policy decisions, within the ambit of existing Senate provisions, regarding the festival that shall be submitted to the FAC.  The SCoFA shall provide assistance to Core Team, and shall guide and check the functioning of the festival However, it shall not interfere in matters of minor importance, in order that the free functioning of the festivals within the general policy framework defined by the Senate, the FAC and the GFAC is not affected.
The details of the COFA Convener is given below:

Contact Details of the Convener, COFA
Name Akash Patel
Roll No. 190084
Email ID
Room No.
Phone No.


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