Ratification: Antaragni 2018

The Students' Senate ratifies appointments to nominated Positions of Responsibility in the Students' Gymkhana, at the recommendation of the respective appointing authorities. The ratification of names for Festival Core Teams are made at the recommendation of the Chairperson, Students' Senate (on behalf of the interview panel) while the ratification of names for Managers and Executives in festivals are made at the recommendation of the respective Festival Coordinator(s)

The following ratification of names has been done in Antaragni 2018:

About Chairperson, Students' Senate IIT Kanpur

The Chairperson, Students' Senate convenes and presides over the meetings of the Students' Senate, and ensures that the decisions taken are implemented. The incumbent Chairperson is Ayushya Agarwal, a fifth-year undergraduate student. Contact Details: Email: chair_ss@iitk.ac.in || ayushya@iitk.ac.in Phone: +91-9554555792

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