Nominations: Election Commission 2018-19

Nominations are invited for the following positions in Election Commission, Students' Gymkhana 2018-19

  • Chief Election Officer (CEO)
  • Head, Auditing & Finance
  • Head, Web & Design
  • Head, Publicity & Logistics

The deadline for completing the whole application process is 11:59 PM on 19th March, 2018.

Eligibility Requirements:

The student should satisfy all the requirements of the General Eligibility Criteria as mentioned in the Appendix-F of the Constitution of the Students' Gymkhana, accessible here –

In particular, the student shall satisfy the following CPI requirements:

  • 6.5 for UG students
  • 7.5 for PG students who have not completed their course-work
  • 7.0 for PG students who have completed their course-work

Application Process:

  • Fill the application form at the following link: Nomination Form
  • Send an email to "" (CC to "") highlighting why you feel you should be selected for the post, along with a screen-shot of your latest transcript. The subject of the mail should be in the format: "EC 2018-19: <Name of the Candidate>".
  • The screenshot of transcript must be named in the format: "Transcript: EC 2018-19: <Name of the candidate>".
  • Both the above processes must be completed before the deadline.

Guidelines for Interview:

Kindly prepare a presentation of around 10 minutes in length. After the presentation, there will be a round of questions by the panel. The time limit shall be strict – please be on time and note that the panel will not consider any part of the presentation you have not completed in the 10 minutes that have been allotted to you.

Further note the following general guidelines:

1. The presentation should bring out your vision for the Election Commission (EC), including any major structural or procedural changes you wish to make.
2. The presentation should broadly cover every domain of the EC, along with a detailed budget.
3. The presentation should highlight the initiatives you plan to take, along with a timeline.
4. A good presentation is not the same as a fancy presentation. It is more important to spend time in conveying your ideas clearly than it is to beautify your presentation.
5. The presentation is an opportunity to showcase your soft skills and ideas to the interview panel. Please dress and present yourself appropriately.
6. You will not be allowed to see the interview of other applicants. Please wait outside the room until you are called in.

About Election Commission:

The Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur works through a system of democracy upheld through Gymkhana elections. These elections are conducted by the Election Commission, Students' Gymkhana. The position of Election Commission is of the utmost importance in maintaining our system of self governance. Its mandate is to ensure a fair and smooth, end to end conduction of the Mid-Term Elections in the month of August/September, the General Elections in the month of January, HEC Elections etc.

Chief Election Officer (CEO)

The Chief Election Officer shall be responsible to: 

a.  Steering the Election Commission to ensure fair and free elections 
b.  Working in tandem with the Head, Auditing & Finance, Head, Web & Design and Head, Publicity & Logistics in planning, publicity and conduction of elections 
c.  Ensuring proper implementation of the Code of Conduct
d.  Presenting the Pre Conduction and Post Conducton reports of elections at the Students' Senate
e. Appointing the team of Election Commission

Head, Auditing & Finance

a. Preparing and managing the budget and finances of election commission
b. Managing the inflow of finances through nomination fees, caution money and fines 
c. Auditing the expenditure of contestants during elections

Head, Web & Design

a. Updating and maintaining the website of election commission
b. Ensuring the proper functioning and maintainance of Election Software
c. Designing newsletters, flex hoardings and other publicity material for the elections

Head, Publicity & Logistics

a. Organising public events like executive dialogues, SOP box etc.
b. Publicising elections online and increasing the outreach to the electorate through video messages, posters etc.
c. Working in tandem with Head, Web & Design to publish newsletters, flex hoardings, posters etc.

About Chairperson, Students' Senate

The Chairperson, Students' Senate convenes and presides over the meetings of the Students' Senate, and ensures that the decisions taken are implemented. The Chairperson for the year 2021-22 is Kartikeya Dhakad. Contact Details: Email: || Phone: +91-9300732278

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