Nominations: Community Welfare Cell 2019-20

Nominations are invited for the following posts in the Core Team of Community Welfare Cell, IIT Kanpur (2019-20):

  •  Overall Coordinator(s)
  • Manager, Prakriti
  • Manager, Prayas
  • Manager, Raktarpan
  • Manager, Unmukt
  • Manager, Vivekananda Samiti

The deadline for submitting the completed application form is 11:59 PM on 24th March 2019.

Eligibility Requirements:

The student shall satisfy the requirements of the General Eligibility Criteria as mentioned in the Appendix-F of the Constitution of the Students' Gymkhana which can be found here –

In particular, the student shall satisfy the following CPI requirements:

  • 6.0 for UG students
  • 7.5 for PG students who have not completed their course-work
  • 7.0 for PG students who have completed their course-work

Application Process:

  • Fill the application form at the following link: Nomination Form
  • Send an email to "" (CC: "") mentioning the post you are applying for and stating why you feel you should be selected for the post, along with a screen-shot of the latest transcript. The subject of the mail should be in the format: "CWC 2019-20: *Name of the Candidate*".
  • The copy of the transcript must be named in the format: "CWC 2019-20: Transcript: *Name of the candidate*".
  • Candidates may apply for more than one post, though they need to repeat the whole process again for each post.
  • All the above steps must be completed before the deadline.

Guidelines for Interview:

Kindly prepare a presentation of around 10 minutes in length. After the presentation, there will be a round of questions by the panel. The time limit shall be strict – please be on time and note that the panel will not consider any part of the presentation you have not completed in the 10 minutes that have been allotted to you.

Further note the following general guidelines:

1. The presentation should bring out your major vision for the Cell (or the wing), including any major structural or procedural changes you wish to make.
2. The presentation should broadly cover every domain of the Cell (or every sub-domain of the wing).
3. The presentation should highlight the way you want to carry forward the Cell (or the wing) and the initiatives you plan to take, along with a timeline.
4. A good presentation is not the same as a fancy presentation. It is more important to spend time in conveying your ideas clearly than it is to beautify your presentation.
5. The presentation is an opportunity to showcase your soft skills and ideas to the interview panel. Please dress and present yourself appropriately.
6. If you've applied for 2 posts, interview for both shall be held together and you'll have 15 mins for the presentation. Make sure that you separately detail the vision and other information expected for both positions.
7. Please carry your own laptop or presentation device to the interview.
8. You will not be allowed to see the interview of other applicants even if it is for some other post. Please wait outside the room until you are called in.

About Community Welfare Cell:

The Community Welfare Cell (CWC) works for a campus 'community' which extends not only to the student and the faculty members, but also to the staff members of the campus, the workers and their families, and any and all individuals who are related to the campus.

The Cell currently has six wings under it:

  1. Pragati, working in the field of rural, social innovations to achieve equality in development.
  2. Prakriti, working in the field of environmental awareness and impact assessment to achieve equality in terms of sustainability.
  3. Prayas, working in the field of education for the marginalized sections of the society to achieve equality in educational opportunities.
  4. Raktarpan, working to combat blood shortage in order to achieve equality in proper healthcare facilities.
  5. Unmukt, working to address the gender and sexual diversity in the community and to achieve equality against discrimination.
  6. Vivekananda Samiti, working to spread the message of Swami Vivekananda among the campus residents and helping the entire community tackle its problems through motivation and inspiration.

The field of work and responsibilities of the respective Core Team Members can be detailed as:

Overall Coordinator(s):

The responsibilities of OCs expand to each of the wings. In particular, the Overall Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Channelising all the community welfare activities on the campus through the cell
  • Lead Community Welfare Cell in all capacities in accordance with its vision
  • Assist the wing Heads in planning out the activities
  • Take initiatives and get them executed through the team
  • Maintain coordination among all wings of the Cell
  • Represent Community Welfare Cell, IITK at all forums: the student population, faculty, administration, and external associates
  • Present the Cell’s report to the Senate, as and when required by it and once towards the end of the tenure
  • Be responsible and accountable for all affairs of the Cell

Manager(s), Prakriti:

Prakriti is an initiative whose purpose is developing a society which believes in sustainable development and living in harmony with other creatures we share this earth with. This wing believes in the collective responsibility and duty of all individuals and organizations, irrespective of classes, towards conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

Manager(s), Prayas:

PRAYAS is an endeavour of IITK students, focussed on providing education to kids from marginalized families in and around IITK campus and also ensuring their holistic development through cultural and sports activities along with issue-oriented awareness sessions.

Manager(s), Raktarpan:

Raktarpan works to create an enabling environment for 100 % voluntary non-remunerated blood donation and foster a culture of voluntary blood donation, building and maintaining a safe, sustainable voluntary donor base and provide quality donor service and care. It has organized over 20 blood donation camps in IIT Kanpur campus which has seen around 4000 donations and has answered to many emergency requests related to blood.

Manager(s), Unmukt:

Unmukt had hitherto served as a Facebook page raising concerns over issues related to gender and sex and served to educate people in such affairs. It has always strived to address sexual and gender diversity in the campus, and under Student's Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur, it shall continue to do the same.

Manager(s), Vivekananda Samiti:

Vivekananda Samiti is one of the oldest clubs under the Students’ Gymkhana functioning for over 48 years, spreading the message of Swami Vivekananda among the campus residents. In the last year, it focussed mainly on applying the concepts of Swami Vivekananda in our daily life through some practical activity for the overall IIT-K community. It conducted a plethora of events like talks on Vedanta, ancient India, Sanskrit language and permaculture, a special lecture on self-belief exercise and spoken Sanskrit language, and Health Camps around the campus. Weekly discussions on Swami Vivekananda’s life and teachings, Vedanta class, Sanskrit class, meditation sessions and distribution of Vivekananda literature among youth were also conducted.

About Chairperson, Students' Senate

The Chairperson, Students' Senate convenes and presides over the meetings of the Students' Senate, and ensures that the decisions taken are implemented. The Chairperson for the year 2021-22 is Kartikeya Dhakad. Contact Details: Email: || Phone: +91-9300732278

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