Nominations: Core Team, Antaragni’13

Nominations are invited for the following posts in the Core Team of Antaragni’13 Festival Cordindator Head, Security Head, Finance Head, Marketing Head, Public Relations Head, Events (Show Management) Head, Events […]

Nominations are invited for the following posts in the Core Team of Antaragni’13

Deadline for submitting completed application form is 11:59 pm, 13th January, 2013 and interviews shall be conducted towards the end of January.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The candidate must have a CPI greater than
    • 6.5 in case of UG student
    • 7.0 in case of PG student
  • The candidate must not be on AP/Warning
  • The candidate must have a guaranteed stay in the institute till May 1, 2013

Application documents:

Submission Rules:

  • Application form in word format and a screen-short of the of the latest grade-sheet must be submitted by attaching in a mail to with the subject following the format “Antaragni’13: *Name of the Candidate*”.
  • The word format application form must be named using the format “Form: Antaragni’13: *Name of the candidate*”
  • The copy of grade-sheet must be named using the format “Transcript: Antaragni’13: *Name of the candidate*”
  • You may ask any fellow student to recommend you but try not to submit more than 2 recommendations.
  • The letter of recommendation in word format should be attached in a mail by the recommend-er to with the subject following the format “Recommendation: Antaragni’13: *Name of person recommended*: “
  • Candidates applying for more than one post need not fill the form again. Only one form should be submitted mentioning all the posts you are applying for in the appropriate section.
  • All the above documents must be submitted before 11:59 pm, 13th January, 2013
An informal session has been arranged with the previous year’s core team on Saturday, 5th January, 2013 at 4:00 PM for a better insight of the festival and the associated work.
Tentative Venue: Outreach 101.
Kindly confirm the venue by checking here only, before coming to the session.

The responsibilities of the respective core team members, as given in the constitution of Students’ Gymkhana are given below:

The Festival Cordinator

  • The Festival Coordinator shall be responsible for the overall conduct of the festival. He/She shall be the chief executive of the festival and his/her decision can be overruled only by the Festival Chairman or President, Students’ Gymkhana. In this event the Festival Chairman or President, Students’ Gymkhana shall be obliged to duly report the matter to the senate if requested by the Festival Coordinator..
  • The Festival Coordinator in consultation with the Advisory Committee and core team should plan all activities, events and competitions.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Festival Coordinator to ensure that all the arrangements made are proper and keep taking constant updates from the coordinators.
  • He/She shall present a detailed preliminary festival report (for example an account of all the events in the festival, all the artists and performers coming to the festival and the expected budget of the festival) well before the festival (minimum 1 month). He/She shall also present the final conduction report within six weeks of the festival.
  • He/She shall constitute the STF (Special Task Force) Team in consultation with the President, Convener, and Festival Chairman. The names of the STF members shall be presented before senate for ratification.
  • The Festival Coordinator can propose the expansion in Core Team as per his/her requirements to suit his/her festival plan. The appointment procedure shall be same as that of other core team members.
  • The responsibility of keeping the senate informed of all developments lies with the festival coordinator.
  • The festival coordinator shall be responsible for mismanagement of any type and shall be answerable to the senate.
  • He/She shall be directly responsible for the hospitality of the participants.
  • He/She shall be directly responsible for various logistics involved in the festival

Head Security

  • He/She shall be responsible for handling the entire security arrangements for the entire festival.
  • He/She shall prepare the security plan along with core team, President, Students’ Gymkhana, Convener, Students’ Gymkhana, Chief Security Officer, IIT-Kanpur and Dean of Students’ Affairs. He/She shall take into account all the logistics like total number of people expected and total number of security personals available etc. He/She should also take the account of various emergency scenarios and prepare the emergency plans of actions.
  • He/She shall present a preliminary report to the student’s senate at least four weeks prior to the festival with complete details of his/her plans. He/She shall also report possible security threats due to various festival plans and corresponding logistics (like excessive participation and number of passes distributed etc.) and provide his/her feedback to the other core team and senate as and when required.
  • He/She shall work in coherence with the various coordinators and provide them the detailed security plans related to their events.
  • After the festival, he/she shall be required to submit a final report on the festival and the security arrangements made during the festival to the senate along with his/her recommendations for future.

Head, Finance

  • Head, Finance shall be responsible for all the financial and accountancy matters of the Festival.
  • He/She, along with the core team, shall decide the budget allocation, prize money and money for various gifts to be distributed.
  • He/She shall prepare the budget for the festival with inputs from marketing team and coordinators of various events. He/She shall present the tentative budget to the senate for approval at least one month before the festival. Any change after the budget shall require the approval of Finance Committee, Students’ Senate. The budget shall also include prize money to be distributed along with various gifts. It shall also contain the details of any purchase during the festival (for example T-Shirts).
  • Finance Coordinator shall submit all the bills and MoUs, duly audited by the Finance Committee, Students’ Senate, to the senate within eight weeks. Senate shall appoint a member of the finance committee (other than finance convener) for administrative purposes of auditing.
  • All the sales should be done in coherence with the Article 6, Appendix II of the constitution of students’ gymkhana.

Head, Marketing

  • He/She shall be responsible to portray the festival in the market and arrange enough funds for the proper conduction of the festival.
  • He/She shall be responsible for the appointment of Marketing Team. For this purpose, he/she shall call the nominations for the various posts and will follow the procedure as that of coordinators.
  • He/She shall be responsible for the hospitality of various sponsors and their representatives.
  • All issues related to the sponsorship or issues related to the MoUs shall come under the jurisdiction of the Marketing Coordinator.
  • He/She shall submit a preliminary report of marketing along with a copy of their MoU’s to the Convener, Senate at least two weeks prior to the festival.

Head, Public Relations

  • He/She shall be responsible for contacting various eminent personalities and delegates to participate in the festival.
  • Any communication with the corporate and professional personalities for participating to the festival should be done through Head, Public Relations.
  • He/She shall be responsible for the hospitality of various delegates.
  • For inviting delegates, a prior permission of Director shall be required.
  • Media relations shall also be the responsibility of Head, Public relations.

Head, Events

  • He/She along with core team and coordinators shall plan various activities and events to be held for the festival.
  • He/She shall be directly responsible for the conduction of various events during the festival.
  • He/She shall lead the show management team of the festival. The appointment procedure shall be same as that of coordinators.
  • He/She shall finally decide various prizes and gifts to be distributed with the recommendation of various coordinators.
  • He/She shall make final decision regarding any issue related to the events.
  • He/She should report the planning of the Festival along with various details to the senate before making it public. He/She should submit the preliminary report regarding events four to six months prior to the festival.
  • He/She shall also present the conduction report of the events within four weeks to the festival.


Ankit Bhutani
Convener, Students’ Senate
IIT Kanpur
A-214, Hall-1
+91 9559754502  

About Chairperson, Students' Senate

The Chairperson, Students' Senate convenes and presides over the meetings of the Students' Senate, and ensures that the decisions taken are implemented. The Chairperson for the year 2021-22 is Kartikeya Dhakad. Contact Details: Email: || Phone: +91-9300732278

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