Names for Ratification: Core Team, Techkriti’15

The following names have been proposed by the selection panel for the various posts in the Core Team, Techkriti'15:

  • Festival Coordinator – Shreyansh Singh (11698)
  • Head, Marketing – Aman Jain (12084), Rishabh Bansal (12573)
  • Head, Finance – Aman Singhal (12088)
  • Head, Security – Suraj Pratap Singh (11747), Abhay Gupta (11006)
  • Head, Marketing (Media and Publicity) – Subhrajeet Paul (12732)
  • Head, Professional Affairs – Arpit Kabra (12160), Vibhor Agnihotri (12790), Himanshu Jaiswal (11305)

The panel has further recommended that renominations be called for Head, Events.

The above has been submitted by the panel to the Senate for ratification over the Senate mailing list. If you have any major issues with the above names, please contact the Senators of your batch with your concern. If they agree with your concern, they will forward it to the Senate for consideration. Please do not contact the panel directly.

The deadline for raising concerns is 11:59 PM on Sunday, 6th July, 2014.