Nominations: Core Team of Public Policy and Opinion Cell

Nominations for Core Team of Public Policy and Opinion Cell, IIT Kanpur 


Nominations are hereby invited for various posts of the Core Team of Public Policy and Opinion Cell 2022-23, IIT Kanpur. The posts open for nomination are as follows:

  1. Overall Co-ordinators 
  2. Manager Events
  3. Manager Policy Research
  4. Manager Finance and Marketing
  5. Manager Design and Web


The deadline to submit the nomination is 11:59 PM on 27 March 2021.


Eligibility Requirements:

The student should satisfy all the requirements of the General Eligibility Criteria, as mentioned in the Appendix-F of the Constitution of the Students’ Gymkhana, accessible here. In particular, the student shall satisfy the following CPI requirements:-

  • 6.0 for UG students
  • 7.5 for PG students who have not completed their course-work
  • 7.0 for PG students who have completed their course-work

Application Process:

Fill the application form: https://forms.gle/wHF9QKr5GqKCnCGLA

Send an email to <chair_ss@iitk.ac.in> (CC: <ppoc@iitk.ac.in>) clearly mentioning the post you are applying for and stating why you feel you should be selected for the position. The subject of the mail should be in the format: “Public Policy and Opinion Cell 2022-23: <Name of the Candidate>”.

Candidates may apply for more than one post, though they need to repeat the whole process for each post.

All the above processes must be completed before the deadline.

Guidelines for Interview:

Kindly prepare a presentation of 15 minutes in length. After the presentation, there will be a round of questions by the panel. The time limit shall be strict. A combined interview will be taken if you are applying for two posts with an increased time of 20 minutes for presentation. Make sure that you separately detail the vision and other information expected for both positions.

Further note the following general guidelines:

  • The presentation should bring out your vision for the Cell, including any significant structural or procedural changes you wish to make.
  • The presentation should broadly cover every domain of the Cell, along with a detailed budget and timeline highlighting your new initiatives.
  • A good presentation is not the same as a fancy presentation. It is more important to spend time in conveying your ideas clearly than it is to beautify your presentation.
  • The presentation is an opportunity to showcase your soft skills and ideas to the interview panel. Please dress and present yourself appropriately.
  • You will not be allowed to see the interview of other applicants even if it is for some other post. Please wait outside the room until you are called in.

About Public Policy and Opinion Cell:

Public Policy and Opinion Cell, IIT Kanpur is a dedicated cell working in the field of public policy and governance. We explore problems in economics, politics, environment, social issues, and geopolitics and analyse decisions taken at various levels of policymaking, engaging students to think about policy issues and their implications. 

We organise two major flagship events: Policy Conclave and Indian Government Summit. Apart from these, several talks, lectures, E-Samvaad and UPSC Talks are conducted throughout the year for the student community on contemporary issues of importance. With the aim to expose students to the challenges of effective policymaking and governance, we invite students to be a part of a dedicated team working in the very emerging fields of public policy. 

Given below are the detailed responsibilities of various posts of Core Team Public Policy and Opinion Cell, IIT Kanpur:


  • Overall Co-ordinator(s)


      1. Lead the Public Policy and  Opinion Cell in full capacity
      2. To increase the participation of the IITK Community in socio-cultural, economic, political, legal and environmental issues, both national and international.
      3. Plan out all activities of the Cell in consultation with the Core Team and other stakeholders
      4. Take initiatives and get them executed through the team.
      5. Maintain coordination among all wings of the Cell
      6. Represent the cell at all forums: the campus junta, faculty/administration and external associates
      7. Present the Cell’s report to the Senate, as and when required by it and once towards the end of the tenure
      8. Be responsible and accountable for all affairs of the Cell
      9. Supervise all the content on the social media handles and websites along with other Managers and team members.


  • Manager(s) , Events


    1. To organise a discussion on the various issues:-
  • A senate-like discussion on the agendas.
  • Minutes to be noted in a public-friendly way and be posted on social media
  • Inviting dignitaries to give talks on certain issues.
  1. Help the editors publish online/offline journals/articles.
  2. Help in conducting interviews with representatives/bureaucracy/professors/ environmentalists and discussions on the current issues.
  3. Provide mentorship to a beginner and must be eager to take up pertinent issues and start a discussion with campus junta.
  4. Take initiatives, plan and structure other events to enhance the participation of IITK students. 
  5. In consultation with the team members and reviews received from the Campus community chalk out new events
  6. Appoint the Logistics Team of the Cell.


  • Manager(s) , Finance and Marketing


    1. Arrange funds and resources for the Cell by bringing in various associations, thus helping the cell in conducting its activities without any financial shortfall
    2. Collaborate with prospective media partners and ensure coverage releases of the events conducted by the Cell through print, electronic & social media channels
    3. Maintain MoUs with our associates and ensure timely fulfilment of deliverables from both ends, with help from the Core Team
    4. Prepare marketing brochures for the different events of the Cell and then compile marketing reports post-event
    5. Act as the primary connection between institute and policymakers and guest speakers   
    6. Prepare the budget for all activities of the Cell, including the major events.
    7. Ensure proper & timely clearance of bills and be responsible for financial transactions occurring  on  behalf of the Cell
    8. Be responsible for the booking of venues for all activities of the Cell and obtain proper permissions/security clearances for the same
    9. Connect with different service providers & vendors and negotiate prices with them.



  • Manager(s) , Policy Research


      1. To frame the problem statements and complete structure of the Policy Innovation Challenge and also judge the elimination round. Work along with the events teams to successfully conduct the Policy Innovation Challenge.
      2. To participate in various national-level policymaking competitions. 
      3. To design the Policy hackathon and also structure the Public Policy symposium, as well as judge the elimination rounds.
      4. To do live projects with various public policy think tanks.
      5. To actively involve in Policy Research under the mentorship of professors by working on projects related to economics, energy, environment, sociology etc.
      6. To release well-researched articles related to real-life issues.
      7. To involve in the brainstorming process about the themes of the Policy Conclave and Indian Governance  Summit.
      8. To prepare the content of the regular discussion sessions on various issues such as Parliamentary bills, budget sessions, economic issues, geopolitics issues etc. 
      9. Provide mentorship to a beginner interested in Policy Research.


  • Manager(s), Design and Web


    1. Work in tandem with the team to design creatives for the various events and activities of the Cell, including posters, articles, brochures, social media posts etc.
    2. Maintain, revamp and keep the cell website updated.
    3. Review the Video-editing
    4. Be responsible for stage design during events



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