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Aerospace Engineering

Biological Sciences and Bioengineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering


Computer Science and Engineering

Humanities and Social Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Industrial and Management Engineering

Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Mechanical Engineering

Material Science and Engineering



Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Department: Information shall be updated as soon as available. In the meantime, you may contact Dr. C.S. Upadhyay (shekhar@iitk.ac.in) for details.

Biological Sciences and Bioengineering

BSBE Department: BSBE will offer one minor titled "Tissue Engineering". There will be 8 seats for this minor.


BSE211: Organ system, Physiology and Anatomy
BSE411: Biomaterials
BSE421: Introduction to Tissue Engineering

The students are also expected to do ESO206 (Principles of Biotechnology)

Selection criteria will be as below: (i) Students must have at least B in LIF101 and ESO206 (ii) CPI should be above 7.0 (iii) If there are more students satisfying (i) and (ii), then the students who secured A in both LIF101 and ESO206 with the highest CPI will be selected. Interested students are advised to apply in plain paper to DUGC convenor along with transcript.

For queries, kindly contact Prof. Pradeep Sinha (pradips@iitk.ac.in)

Chemical Engineering: : Information shall be updated as soon as available. In the meantime, you may contact Dr. Rajesh Pala (rpala@iitk.ac.in)

Civil Engineering:

"Civil department is offering a minor on Earth Sciences with 25 seats. 
As the 1st course of the minor is offered in the even semester, 
application process, if any, shall be carried out in the next semester."

For any other queries , you may contact Dr. Ashu Jain (ashujain@iitk.ac.in)


We have posted the details of the minor program of our department on the
notice board before the Chemistry Department office. You can inform this
to all the students.

Interested students can give their application today (26 th) before 5:00
PM to the Chemistry Department office. The list of selected students will
be put on the web (www.iitk.ac.in/chm) and the notice board of the
Chemistry Department by tomorrow noon (12:00 PM).

If DOAA/SUGC want us to extend the deadline, we can do that as well.

There are two additions/corrections that I want to make in the file sent
by Prof. Sanghi.
a) The Chemistry Department offers a total of 6 seats (including all the
three minors).

b) If the total number of applicants are more than 6, then the selection
will be based on CPI.

For queries, please contact Prof. Nishanth Nair (nnair@iitk.ac.in)


Computer Science and Engineering:

Details are available here with one minor correction: The deadline has been extended till 4:00 pm, 29th July, 2013


Humanities and Social Sciences:

Minor in Linguistic theory

ENG122 (Introduction to Linguistics)

Two courses out of: ENG423, ENG 443, and ENG 448.

Minor in English Literature

One course out of: ENG431, ENG433, ENG434, ENG437, ENG438

One course out of: ENG432, ENG439, ENG445, ENG446

One course out of: ENG435, ENG436, ENG440

Students can obtain a minor in Literature by clearly opting for one of the three combinations suggested.

i)The minors in Linguistics and Literature will apply to the 2011 batch.

ii) Both minors will operate in the July semester.

iii) A total of 8 students can be chosen in both the minors combined. If the number of requests for minors exceeds eight, selection will be based on a personal interview.

iv). All requests for minors be sent to Dr. G Neelakantan < gn@iitk.ac.in > with a copy to Acting DUGC Convener
Dr. A.K. Sharma< arunk@iitk.ac.in >.

Electrical Engineering

Minor is being offered in 5 streams with the following course requirements:

1. Microelectronics/Digital Systems: EE200, EE210, EE311/EE370

2. Power: EE200, EE330, EE360

3. Communications and Signal Processing: EE 200, EE320, EE301/321

4. RF and Photonics: EE200, EE340, EE612/EE642/EE648

5. Controls: EE200, EE250, EE650


In order to apply, you need to submit an application as follows
– clearly written letter with reason for wishing to pursue minor in EE
– print out of transcript up to this point i.e. 4 semesters

Hard copy, with your name, roll number, department and email id clearly written over it, should be dropped in the mail box of Dr. Aditya Jagannatham (mailboxes of EE faculty members are at 1st floor of ACES building, Electrical department). No soft copies will be entertained.

Please complete the application process by 4:00 pm, Monday 29th July.

Decision regarding students to be admitted will be taken by the DUGC of EE.  In case of any queries, kindly send a mail to Mr. Pratyush Sinha (psinha@iitk.ac.in), the student member in EE DUGC.

P.S. –
1. Irrespective of the stream chosen, all the selected students will be required to take EE 200 in this semester.
2. Minor in a department cannot be taken by the students of the same department.

Industrial and Management Engineering: Information available at the following link


Mechanical Engineering:


Message from HOD, Mechanical:

"The deadline for receiving applications for minors is extended upto Monday

(July 29) 11.30 am.

A hard copy application in specified format (as per the ME Department
website) should be submitted in ME Office (in Nuclear Building) by 11.30
on Monday (July 29). Your latest unofficial transcript should be attached
with the application.

The list of students allowed in each minor (and each minor course) will be
displayed on the Departmental web-site on July 29 afternoon.


Message from Student nominee, DUGC, Mechanical

"People who are interested in taking minors in ME Department are requested
to go through the site link

In this website you will find the "Minor for B.Tech" option. Go through
that to know the field in which the minors are being offered.
If you are interested in applying then you have to go for the form
available at "Application for Minor". Fill that form and submit the
related documents at the ME Office (The location is given in the

Hard Copy needs to be submitted."

For queries, please contact Mr. Shayandev Sinha (sdsinha@iitk.ac.in) Ph. no. – 8004974055

Mathematics and Scientific Computing:

We are offering one minor course in the coming semester as a part of
minor in Applied Mathematics. The course is MTH428: Mathematical
methods. Instructor is Prof. D Bahuguna.

You can enrol the course during Add/Drop time too. The time slots for
the course is Lec: MF:8-9,T:9-10; Tutorial: W:2-3.

For any query related to the course, please consult the course

Materials Science and Engineering

MSE minor is "Functional Materials" (template attached), and student
will need to do any three out of available 5 courses.

This semeter (2013-14, Sem I) following courses in the stream are being offered: 1. MSE631 ELECTROCERAMIC MATERIALS AND APPLICATIONS 2. MSE693N MATERIALS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES FOR APPLICATIONS IN LIFE SCIENCES Student will need to apply for minor through a hard-copy letter to Head, MSE Dept. by Jul. 29, 2013.

For any queries, kindly contact Dr. Kantesh Balani kbalani@iitk.ac.in



Two minors are being offered with 20 seats each. In case there are more than 20 applicants for the courses, a CPI or similar criterion may be used to shortlist the students.
All the selected students will be required to complete the given courses in order to get the minors.

Details of two proposed Physics Department Minors are as below for
consideration of the SUGC:

1. STATISTICAL MECHANICS (Total 31 Credits, course credits shown in brackets)

PSO 201 Quantum Physics (8)
PHY 210a Thermal Physics (6)
PHY 226b Relativity (6)
PHY 412 Statistical Mechanics (11)

2. QUANTUM MECHANICS (Total 31 Credits, course credits shown in brackets)

PSO 201 Quantum Physics (8)
PHY 210a Thermal Physics (6)
PHY 226b Relativity (6)
PHY 431 Quantum Mechanics (11)

For details about application procedure, you may contact Dr. Amit Dutta (dutta@iitk.ac.in)