Agenda for 4th Special Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2013-14

The 4th Special meeting of the Students' Senate, 2013-14 shall be held at  8 PM in Senate Hall, New SAC on Wednesday, 25th September, 2013. For easy browsing of the agenda, you may look at the following table:


Sr. Agenda Document
1 To confirm the minutes of the following meetings:
4th meeting, 2nd Special Meeting, 3rd Special Meeting
2 Announcements and Remarks  
3 To report on action taken  
4 To consider the ratification of names of New Senators List
5 To consider the ratification of names of PSOs, executives, event coordinators of Udghosh '13  
6 To consider the ratification of names of Impressions Coordinators  
7 To consider the ratification of names of Head, Events, Teachkriti  
8 To consider the pre-conduction report of Udghosh '13 Report
9 To consider the post conduction report of Inferno Report
10 To consider the post conduction report of Takneek  
11 To consider the post conduction report of By-Elections  
12 Noting of provisional acceptance of resignation given by Head,Events Techkriti''14  
13 To consider the resignation of PG Senator, Senate Nominee from Steering Committee, Standing Committee of Students’ senate  
14 To consider the Ratification of PSO and SSO of Udghosh’13 List
15 Noting of the Minutes of the 1st meeting of UGSAC Minutes
16 To discuss on “including the voting statistics in the declaration of results of elections  
17 To discuss the report and recommendations for PhD, M Tech andMSc (2 year) from Academic Review Committee (ARC) of Instituteand feedback being sought from Students Senate for the same.   
18 To consider the elections for the In-Charge and Senate Nominees of PGSAC, standing committee of students’ senate.  
19 To consider the Introduction of Programming Club interest group Proposal
20 To consider the Grievances regarding the misconduct of the General Secretary, Science and Technology Council, in some of the recent events  
21 To consider the discussion and decide on few clauses in the students governance report for better clarity in implementation of the same  
22 To consider the discussion on T-Shirt Quality, design and tendering process of gymkhana festivals.   
23 Questions and Remarks  
  Any other item with the permission of the chair