7th Special Meeting of the Students’ Senate (2015-16)

The 7th (Special) Meeting of the Students' Senate (2015-16) has been scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday, 28th February, 2016 in the Senate Hall, New SAC. Please find the Agenda here.

For easy viewing, see the supporting documents and agenda below.

Sr. No. Agenda Document
Agenda for the 7th (Special) Meeting

To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:

i. 2015-16/3rd Special Meeting

ii. 2015-16/8th Meeting

3rd Special Meeting

8th Meeting

2 Announcements and Remarks, if any  
3 To consider for ratification, a name for the Core Team of Impression'16  
4 To consider the de-ratification of various members of Cultural Council List
5 To consider the post-conduction report of Takneek '15 Report
6 To consider the post-conduction report of Galaxy '16  
7 To consider a proposal to dissolve the Students' Academic Council i.e. the UGSAC and PGSAC  
8 To consider the updated proposal regarding installing UFO system in the OAT Proposal
9 To consider the updated proposal regarding teams in the SnT Council Proposal
10 To consider the interim report of the Fact Finding Committee constituted to look into the deficit of Antaragni '15 Report
11 To consider a proposal to nominate DUGC/DPGC Student Representatives Proposal
12 To consider a proposal pertaining to changes in COSHA Proposal
13 To consider a proposal to reorganize the responsibilities of the SUGC and SPGC vis-à-vis the Office of Academic Affairs Proposal
14 To consider a proposal to restructure the SUGC Proposal
15 To consider a proposal to form a new standing council of the Senate: Council of Students for Departmental Affairs  
16 To consider the current financial situation and measures recommended by the Finance Committee  

To consider the interview for the post of Festival Coordinator, Antaragni'16

18 Questions and Remarks, if any.
19 To consider for approval and acceptance the list of names for the team and the following pre-conduction reports of  Techkriti '16:

a. Festival Conduction Report

b. Marketing Report

c. Proposed Budget

d. Security Report

e. Special Task Force



Security Plan

STF List

Security Team

  List 1
  List 2
  List 3

  Any other items with the permission of the chair.