7th Special Meeting of the Students’ Senate (2014-15)

The 7th Special Meeting of the Students' Senate (2014-15) has been scheduled for 8:00 PM on Tuesday, 10th February, 2015 in the Senate Hall, New SAC. Please find the Agenda here. For easy viewing, see the supporting documents and agenda below.

Sr. No. Agenda Document
Agenda for the 7th Special Meeting

To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:

i. 2014-15/8th Meeting

8th Meeting


2 Announcements and Remarks, if any  
3 To note the results of the election of the Chairperson, Students’ Senate (2015-16) See Agenda Document
4 To note the decisions taken by the Students’ Senate over the mailing list since the last meeting. See Agenda Document
5 To consider the Action Taken Report. Report
6 To consider the dates of the election of the UG and PG Girls’ Representative for the Students’ Senate (2015-16). See Agenda Document
7 To consider the mid-term status of the finances of the Students’ Gymkhana and to revise the Gymkhana budget accordingly. Report
8 To consider the post-conduction report of Antaragni’14.



9 To consider the proposed document “Gymkhana Awards”.

Proposed Document


10 To consider the proposal of the Festival Coordinator, Techkriti’15 to have an “Open Fest” model during Techkriti’15.

Minutes (COFA)


11 To consider the report of the performance of the IIT Kanpur contingent to the Inter IIT Sports Meet.



12 To consider the proposed dates of Udghosh’15 and Antaragni’15. See Agenda Document
13 To consider the proposed names for the Core Team, Antaragni’15. See Agenda Document
14 To consider the proposed names for the Core Team, Udghosh’15. See Agenda Document
15 To consider the resignation of Mr. Arshil Abbas from the post of Senator, UG Y14. See Agenda Document
16 To consider the post-festival Finance Report of Udghosh’14. Not yet submitted
17 Questions and Remarks, if any.  
  Any other items with the permission of the chair.