Agenda for the 5th meeting of the Students’ Senate 2013-14

Agenda for the 5th Meeting of the Students’ Senate (2013-14), to be held on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013 at 3:30 PM in the Senate Hall, New SAC.

Sr. Agenda Document Proposer
1 To confirm the minutes of the following meetings:
i.  2013-14/04thMeeting held on 11.08.13
ii.  2013-14/2nd Special Meeting held on 25.08.13
iii.  2013-14/3rd Special Meeting held on 28.08.13
4th meeting
2nd Special
3rd Special
2 Announcements and Remarks, if any    
3 Noting of provisional ratification of the feedback report on
recommendations of fifth ARC for PhD, M Tech and M Sc (2 year)
4 Noting of provisional ratification of Impression’13 Team    
5 To report on action taken Report
Supporting Documents
6 Noting of confirmation of 1st, 1stSpecial and 2ndSpecial meetings minutes of CoSHA 1st meeting
1st Special
2nd Special
7 To discuss on the use of the Senate Hall for activities other than
meetings of the Students' Senate
8 To discuss on “including the voting statistics in the declaration of
results of elections”
9 To consider the grievances regarding the misconduct of General
Secretary, Science & Technology Council
10 To consider the discussion on interpretation of few clauses in the
students governance report for better clarity in implementation of the
11 To consider the discussion on T-Shirt Quality, design and tendering
process of gymkhana festivals.
12 To consider the following names for ratification as PSOs of
List of Names
13 To consider ratification of names for posts in Spectrum'13
Document received
14 To consider ratification of names for posts of Secretary, Students’
Senate for Logistics and Steering
Shridhar Agarwal 12684
Chirag Gupta 12218
15 To consider ratification of names for posts of Executives,
Coordinators and Manager of Techkriti’14
16 To consider “Expansion of the Senate Standing committees” Proposal
17 To consider “Increase in Girls' Representation” Proposal  
18 To consider “Proposal to change the procedure in which the
Nomination Committee functions”
19 To consider “Update on extended orientation” Proposal  
20 To consider “Proposal for alumni email ids” Proposal  
21 To consider “Proposal to have a joint meeting of the Students' Senate
and the Faculty Forum regarding the issue of Faculty-Student
22 Questions and Remarks, if any.    
  Any other item, with the permission of the Chair