4th Meeting of the Students’ Senate (2015-16)

The 4th Meeting of the Students' Senate (2015-16) has been scheduled for 2:00 PM on Sunday, 9th August, 2015 in the Senate Hall, New SAC. Please find the Agenda here. For easy viewing, see the supporting documents and agenda below.

Sr. No. Agenda Document
Agenda for the 4th Meeting
1 To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:i. 2015-16/3rd Meeting Not yet prepared
2 Announcements and Remarks, if any  
3 To note the decisions taken by the Students’ Senate over the mailing list since the last meeting. See Agenda Document

4 To consider the reply of the Senators, to the show cause notice issued to them for not complying the following attendance rule:
Missing more than 3 meetings without notification
5 To consider the reply of the Festival Coordinator, Techkriti'15 to the show-cause notice issued for failing to present the post-conduction report. Notice
6 To consider for ratification the list of names for the team of Antaragni'15. List
7 To consider for ratification, the list of names for the Election Council. List
8 To consider the post conduction report of Techkriti’15. Report
9 To consider the issue pertaining to the MoUs signed by Techkriti’15 team after the deadline. See Agenda Document
10 To consider the resignation of a Students' Senate Nominee from the Senate Students' Affairs Committee See Agenda Document
11 To consider the pre-conduction report of By-Elections (2015-16) and other election-related documents.

Report- By Elections

Report- DUGC/DPGC Elections

Rules and Regulations

Vigilance Committee


Nomination Form

12 To consider the pre-conduction report of Freshers' Inferno'15. Report
13 To consider the proposed names for the faculty members of the Festival Advisory Committee (Techkriti'16). See Agenda Document
14 To consider the proposal regarding the refund of caution money taken by the clubs. Not yet submitted
15 To consider the proposal for Gymkhana Hall of Fame Board. Proposal
16 To consider the preconduction report of General Championship (2015-16) Report
17 Questions and Remarks, if any  
  Any other items with the permission of the chair.