3rd Special Meeting of the Students’ Senate (2014-15)

The 3rd Special Meeting of the Students' Senate (2014-15) has been scheduled for 8:15 PM on Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 in the Senate Hall, New SAC. Please find the Agenda here. For easy viewing, see the supporting documents and agenda below.

Sr. No. Agenda Document
Agenda for the 2nd Meeting
1 To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:
i. 2014-15/4th Meeting


2 Announcements and Remarks, if any  
3 To note the decisions taken by the Students’ Senate over the mailing list since the last meeting. See Agenda Document
4 To note the results of the By-Election’14, and to ratify the induction of the new Senators. See Agenda Document
5 To consider the post-conduction report of the By-Elections’14. Report
6 To note the results of the Elections held for the post of student members in the DUGCs/DPGCs of various departments. Results
7 To consider the post-conduction report of the DUGC/DPGC elections. Report
8 To consider, for ratification, the name of Head, Security, Udghosh’14. Siddhant Mathur (11712)
9 To consider the proposed names for the Faculty Counsellors and Treasurer for the year 2014-15.

See Agenda Document

10 To consider the resignation of the Convener, COFA.

See Agenda Document

11 To consider the proposed Festival Manual. Proposed Manual
12 To consider the issue of Lost and Found during mid-semester and end-semester exams.  
13 To consider the allocation of funds to the Festivals as proposed by the Finance Committee. See Agenda Document
14 To consider the elections of the postgraduate members or Senate nominees of the following standing committees and councils of the Students’ Senate:

i. Steering Committee
ii. Rules and Procedures Committee
iii. Postgraduate Students’ Academic Council (PGSAC)

15 Questions and Remarks, if any.  
  Any other items with the permission of the chair.