Agenda for 3rd Special Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2013-14

The 3rd Special meeting of the Students' Senate, 2013-14 shall be held at  9 PM in Senate Hall, New SAC on Wednesday, 28th August, 2013. For easy browsing of the agenda, you may look at the following table:

Sr. Agenda Document
To confirm the minutes of the meeting
   4th meeting held on 11th August 2013
   2nd special meeting held on 25th August 2013

Announcements and Remarks

Notification of following items to be added in ATR
   (i) To change the email id of convenerss to chairss
   (ii)To increase the storage space of convenerss

To ratify the following names in S&T Council

1. Amit Anand (11079) : Robo club coordinator
2. Swatantra Verma (11757) : Ham Hobby group Leader
To consider the pre-conduction report of Gymkhana By-elections
Questions & Remarks, if any

Any other item with the permission of the chair.