3rd Meeting of the Students’ Senate (2015-16)

The 3rd Meeting of the Students' Senate (2015-16) has been scheduled for 8:00 PM on Tuesday, 28th July, 2015 in the Senate Hall, New SAC. Please find the Agenda here. For easy viewing, see the supporting documents and agenda below.

Sr. No. Agenda Document
Agenda for the 3rd Meeting

To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:

i. 2015-16/2nd Meeting

Minutes_2nd_ Meeting
2 Announcements and Remarks, if any  
3 To note the decisions taken by the Students’ Senate over the mailing list since the last meeting.

See Agenda Document

Core Team – Techkriti

Core Team – FMC

4 To consider the Action Taken Report. ATR
5 To consider the proposal for follow up of Manifestoes Proposal
6 To consider the issue pertaining to Health Center Proposal
7 To consider the issue related to PE/CPA Proposal
8 To consider the proposal regarding student representatives to the Women Cell of the Institute. Proposal
9 To consider an update on the committee on Entrepreneurship See Agenda Document
10 To consider the final report of the ad-hoc subcommittee constituted to look into automation in the processes of the Students’ Gymkhana. See Agenda Document
11 To consider the post conduction report of Techkriti’15. Report
12 To consider the proposed names for the core team of Udghosh’15. See Agenda Document
13 To consider the proposed names for the core team of Techkriti’16. See Agenda Document
14 To consider the proposed names for the core team of Antaragni’15. See Agenda Document
15 To consider the issue pertaining to the MoUs signed by Techkriti’15 team after the deadline. See Agenda Document
16 To consider for ratification, the proposed names of students for the Cultural Council. List
17 To consider the proposal to install a UFO Digital Cinema System in the campus. Proposal
18 To consider the proposed name for the post of Chief Election Officer, 2015 submitted by the interview panel. See Agenda Document
19 To consider the Pool Allocation for the General Championship’15. Policy
20 To consider the updated Gymkhana Calendar for the Gymkhana year 2015-16. Not yet submitted
21 To consider the proposal for a revision in the salary of Taekwondo Coach. Proposal
22 Questions and Remarks, if any.  
  Any other items with the permission of the chair.