Agenda for the 7th Special Meeting of the Students’ Senate(2013-14)


The 7th special Meeting of Students' Senate would be held on 12th March
2014 at 8:30 PM with the following agenda items:

1.confirmation of Minutes of 10th and 11th meeting held on 9th Feb and 2nd
March 2014

2.To consider the constitutional amendments related to CoFA and Finance.

3. Proposal for minimum time span between two major events/festivals of Students' Gymkhana(Proposed by Sarthak Chandra, Seconded by V Srinivasan)

4.Preliminary conduction report of Galaxy'14

5.Ratification of some posts in core team, Antaragni'14
Amrit Rizwani- Head marketing
Puneet Modi- head finance

6.Post-conduction report of spectrum'14

7.Ratification of Gymkhana Awards
8. To propose a set of guidelines for the working of CoFA as a standing committee.