Agenda for the 1st meeting of the Students’ Senate 2013-14

The 1st meeting of the Students' Senate, 2013-14 shall be held at 8 PM in Senate Hall, New SAC on Thursday, 21st March, 2013.
The agenda in pdf without the relevant documents is available here
For easy browsing of the agenda, you may look at the following table:

Sr. Agenda Document Proposer
1.  To confirm the minutes of the following meetings:
i) 12th meeting of the Students' Senate, 2012-13 held on 3rd March, 2013
ii) 5th Special meeting of the Students' Senate, 2012-13 held on 1st March, 2013
iii) Joint meeting, 2013 of the Students' Senate held on 20th March, 2013
Minutes not circulated  
2. Announcements and Remarks    
3. Action Taken Report Report  
4. To consider the end term report and the charge handover of the Parliamentarian, Students' Senate End-Term Report  
5. To note the ratification and resignations of various posts, done over the mailing list Link to concerned webpage  
6. To consider the resignation by Ashish Dabas, Senator, UG Y11, and the action to be taken thereof    
7. To consider the following:
i) Policy document proposed for Committee of Festival Affairs (COFA)
ii) Election of the Convener and Senate nominees for the committee of Festival Affairs
Proposed Policy Document  
8. To consider the end-term report and charge handover of Convener, COSHA End-Term Report  
9. To consider the election of the members of the following standing committees of the Students' Senate:
i) Committee of Students for Hostel Affairs (COSHA)
ii) Emergency Committee
iii) Finance Committee
iv) Nominations Committee
v) Rules and Procedures Committee
vi) Steering Committee
10. To elect the members of Gymkhana Review Committee Policy Document approved by Senate   
11. To consider, for ratification, the posts of Secretary, Students’ Senate Logistics – Akshay Aggarwal (12068)
Steering – Sandarsh Pandey (12611)
Web – Ayush Gupta (11180)
Chairman, Students' Senate
12. To consider the proposal for academic affairs council   Mr. Ankit Bhutani, (previous Chairman)
13. To consider the issues related to Techkriti'13   Mr. Ankit Bhutani, (previous Chairman)
14. To consider the proposal for restructuring the Films and Media Council   General Secretary, FMC
15.  Questions and Remarks    
  Any other items with the permission of the chair