8th (Special) Meeting of the Students’ Senate, 2018-19

The 8th (Special) Meeting of the Students' Senate, 2018-19 is scheduled to be held from 8:30 PM in the Senate Hall, New SAC on Thursday, 26th February 2019.

 Agenda for the 2018-19/8th (Special) Meeting of the Students' Senate


S. No. Agenda Documents Proposed by

To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:

i) 2018/19 – 6th (Special) Meeting
ii) 2018/19 – 7th (Special) Meeting


Mr. Ayushya Agarwal
Students' Senate
2 Announcements, remarks, and questions, if any

To consider the reply of the Senators issued a Show Cause Notice for the violation of attendance rules of the Senate


Mr. Ayushya Agarwal
Chairperson, Students' Senate

To consider the mid-term reports of the following:

1. Finance Convener, Students' Senate

Finance Convener, SS

Mr Abhishek Aryan,
Finance Convener, Students' Senate
5 To consider the Interim Reports of the Gymkhana Review Commitee (GRC)

Managing Committee Report

Cell Review Report

Gymkhana Sponsorship Report

Council Review Report

Senate Review Report

Mr Prakhar Ji Gupta, 
Convener, GRC
6 To consider a proposal for the formation of a Hobby Group for Public Speaking Proposal Mr Kunj Behari Beriwala, 
General Body Member
7 To consider a proposal to increase the Gymkhana Fees Proposal Mr Richeek Awasthi,
General Body Member
8 To consider modifications in the working of the SSAC Proposal Ms Mugdha Arora,
Students' Senate Nominee to the SSAC
9 To consider the proposal for the formation of an Analytics Hobby Group Proposal Mr Sachin Angural,
General Body Member
10 To consider the proposal for the formation of the Students Opinion Cell  Proposal Mr Ayush Anurag,
General Body Member
11 To consider the vision document for Academics and Career Council Document Mr Rahul Sethi and Mr Arun Kumar Agrawal,
UG and PG Secretaries, Academics and Career Council
12 To consider the proposal for a modification in the constitution of the Local Purchase Committee Proposal Mr Abhishek Aryan,
Finance Convener, Students' Senate
  Any other item(s) with the permission of the Chair