5th Meeting of Students’ Senate, 2019-20

The 5th Meeting of the Students' Senate, 2019-20 is scheduled to be held at 08:30 PM in Senate Hall, SAC on Wednesday, 15th October 2019. The Agenda for the same is as follows

Agenda for the 2019-20/5th Meeting of the Students' Senate
Sr.No Agenda Documents Proposed by

To confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:

i. 2019-20/4th (Special) Meeting


4th (Special)


Mr Richeek Awasthi
Chairperson, Students' Senate
2. Announcements, Questions and Remarks, if any    
3. To consider the Report on Action Taken by Students' Senate


ATR (2019-20)

Mr. Richeek Awasthi
Chairperson, Students' Senate
4. To take note of decisions taken over the Mailing List To be presented on the floor of the Senate Mr Richeek Awasthi
Chairperson, Students' Senate
5. To consider the updated Ratification lists for Students' Gymkhana

President's Office

Mr Richeek Awasthi
Chairperson, Students' Senate
6. To consider the De-Ratification of Mr. Anant Sinha, Manager Marketing, E-Cell  
7. To consider the Post-Conduction Report of E-Summit 2019 Report Mr Saksham Mittal and Mr. Saksham Gupta
Overall Coordinator, E-Cell
8. To consider the proposal for discontinuing formals in Gymkhana Activities Proposal Mr Prakhar Ji Gupta 
General Body Member
9. To consider the effect of  compulsory Summer Registration for Post Graduate Programs in IIT Kanpur Proposal Mr Akshay Bajaj
Senator MSR
10. To consider the Minutes of Rules and Procedures Committee

2nd (Special)

4th Meeting

Nominations Document

Mr. Yash Maheshwari
Parliamentarian, Students' Senate
11. To consider the Pre-Conduction Report of Inferno 2019 Report Mr. Jaspreet Singh
General Secretary, Games and Sports
12. To consider the Vision Document of Academics and Career Council Document Mr. Rahul Sethi
UG Secretary, Academics and Career
Mr. Shivam Kumar Gautam
PG Secretary, Academics and Career
13. To consider a report on IIT Kanpur's MBA programme vis-a-vis other MBA programs Report Mr Suraj Sahab Jha
Senator, MBA Y18

To consider the minutes of COFA and  the following reports of Antaragni '19

1. Pre-Conduction Report
2. Pre-Festival Finance Report
3. Pre-Festival Marketing Report
4. Security Plan
5. STF List


Pre-Conduction Report

Pre-Festival Finance Report

Pre- Festival Marketing Report

Security Plan

STF List

Ratification List

Mr. Gajendra Meena
Festival Coordinator Antaragni '19
15. To consider the proposal for the formation of Speedcubing Club Proposal Mr Abhigyan Verma
General Secretary, Science and Technology
16. To consider a Proposal to reforms in the Constitution of UG-SAC Proposal Mr. Luvneesh Kumar
Convener, UG-SAC
17. To consider the Interim Draft of the Model Constitution Constitution Mr. Nikunj Kothari
Convener, CoSHA
18. To consider the report of General Secretary, Games and Sports on the performance of IITK in the Intern IIT Sports Meet Report Mr. Jaspreet Singh,
General Secretary, Games and Sports
19. To consider the review of Increased Surveillance in the campus Proposal Mr. Shubham Mirg,
General Body Member