3rd Meeting of the Students’ Senate, 2018-19

The 3rd  Meeting of the Students' Senate, 2018-19 is scheduled to be held from 8:30 PM in the Senate Hall, New SAC on Sunday, 30th September 2018.

Agenda for the 2018-19/3rd  Meeting of the Students' Senate
Sr. No. Agenda Documents Proposed by

Confirm the Minutes of the following meetings:

i) 2017-18/3rd (special) Meeting


3rd (special) meeting

Mr. Ayushya Agarwal,
Chairperson, Students' Senate

2. Announcements, remarks, and questions, if any  
3. To note the decisions taken by the Senate on the mailing list Decisions Mr. Ayushya Agarwal,
Chairperson, Students' Senate
4. To consider the names for ratification of students to different posts in the Students' Gymkhana

List 1

List 2

Mr. Ayushya Agarwal,
Chairperson, Students' Senate
5. To consider for ratification the names of the DUGC and DPGC student nominees List Mr. Ayushya Agarwal,
Chairperson, Students' Senate
6. To consider the de-ratification of an Editor, Vox Populi To be presented on the floor of the Senate Mr. Harshit Bhalla,
Chief Editor, Vox Populi
7. To consider the post conduction report of the Mid-term & By-Elections Report Mr. Mayank Chauhan
Chief Election Officer, Election Commission
8. To consider the updates on the work of the Gymkhana Review Committee

To be presented on the floor of the Senate

Mr. Kunal Kapila
Convener, Gymkhana Review Committee

9. To consider the mechanism for increased representation in the Academic Senate Proposal Mr. Pratyush Rai,
President, Students' Gymkhana
10. To consider the proposal for a mechanism for lab staff feedback Proposal Ms. Navanya Sharma
Senator, BT/BS Y16
11. To note the minutes of COFA(J) Minutes Mr. Pratyush Rai
Chairperson, COFA(J)
12. To consider the minutes of the Finance Committee Minutes

Mr. Sudhendu Ahir,
Convener, Finance Committee


To consider the minutef of COFA(U) and  the following reports of Udghosh'18:

1. Pre-Conduction Report
2. Pre-festival Finance Reprot
3. Pre-festival Marketing Report
4. Security Plan
5. STF list


1. Pre-Conduction Report

2. Finance and Marketing Report
 3. STF List

Mr. Harshul Lodha
Mr. Prashant Kumar
Festival Coordinators, Udghoah'18

14. To consider for voting Appendix B of the Constitution Appendix B Mr. Siddhartha Srivastava,
Parliamentarian, Students' Senate
15 To consider the End-Term reports of Academic sub-committees Report Mr. Rahul Sethi,
Coordinator, UG Academics
16. To consider the mid-term report of the Academics and Research Cell Report

Mr. Pranshu Garg
Mr. Abhinav Kumar Sharma,
Overall Coordinators, Academics and Research Cell

17. To consider a proposal for a cooking hobby group Proposal

 Mr. Faizan Siddiqui,
Senator, BT/BS Y17

18. To consider a proposal for an Archery Hobby Group Proposal Mr. Burla Srivar,
General Body Member
  Any other item with the permission of the Chair