2nd Meeting of the Students’ Senate 2021-22

The 2nd Meeting of the Students’ Senate, 2021-22 is scheduled to be held online at 8:30 PM on Zoom on Monday, 15th November 2021. The Agenda for the same is as follows

Agenda for the 2021-22/2nd Meeting of the Students’ Senate
Sr.No Agenda Documents Proposed by
1. Announcements, Questions and Remarks if any
2. To consider the Action Taken Report of the Students’ Senate To be presented on the floor of the Senate Chairperson, Students’ Senate
2. To consider the election of the members of the following standing committees and councils of the Students’ Senate:
i. Finance Committee
ii. Steering Committee
iii. Rules and Procedure Committee
iv. Nominations Committee
v. Cells Affairs Committee
vi. Council of Students for Hostel Affairs
vii. Council of Festival Affairs
Election Document Chairperson, Students’ Senate
3. To consider the recommendations of the Gymkhana Awards Committee Proposal President, Students’ Gymkhana
4. To consider a proposal to create a PG and Women’s Representative in the Games and Sports Council Proposal General Secretary, Games and Sports
5. To consider a proposal for the “Proposal Allotment Cycle” Proposal Chairperson, Students’ Senate
6. To consider a proposal to include student members in the ICC Proposal Women’s Cell Nominees
7. To consider the revised guidelines for Teams in the SnT Council. Proposal General Secretary. Science and Technology
Additional Agenda for the 2021-22/2nd Meeting of the Students’ Senate
Sr.No Agenda Documents Proposed by
8. To consider a proposal to make the UGSAC a platform of coordination amongst bodies. Proposal Ms Maryam Khan  Senator BT/BS Y19
9. To discuss the possibility of the offline convocation for the UGY17 batch and the way forward. Proposal General Body Members

President, Students’ Gymkhana


About Chairperson, Students' Senate

The Chairperson, Students' Senate convenes and presides over the meetings of the Students' Senate, and ensures that the decisions taken are implemented. The Chairperson for the year 2021-22 is Kartikeya Dhakad. Contact Details: Email: || Phone: +91-9300732278

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