1st (Vacation) Meeting of the Students’ Senate, 2018-19

The 1st (Vacation) Meeting of the Students' Senate, 2018-19 is scheduled to be held at 8:30 PM in Senate Hall, SAC on Thursday, 21st June 2018. The Agenda for the same is as follows


Agenda for the 2018-19/1st (Vacation) Meeting of the Students' Senate
Sr.No Agenda Documents Proposed by
1 To consider the updated Gymkhana Calendar (2018-19)   Gymkhana-Calendar Ms Aayushi Bansal,
Acting President, Students' Gymkhana
2 To ratify the Festival Coordinators, Techkriti'19   Techkriti'19 Ratification Ms Navanya Sharma,
Acting Chairperson, Students' Senate
3. Questions and Remarks    

  Any other item, with the permission of the Chair.