2nd Meeting of CoSHA 2017-18

The 2nd  Meeting of the COSHA (2017-18), has been scheduled for 8:30 PM on Thursday March 22, 2018 in the Senate Hall, New SAC.  List of Agendas for this meeting are given below.

Agenda for the 2nd Meeting 2017-18
Sr. No. Agenda Document Proposed by
1. To confirm the minutes of the 3rd   Special Meeting (2017-18) Minutes Mr. Pratyush Rai Convener, CoSHA
2. Announcements and Remarks, if any    
3. To discuss the Action Taken Report of the COSHA ATR Mr. Pratyush Rai Convener, CoSHA
4. To discuss the UG Hall Allocation Policy for the upcoming year To be discussed in the meeting Mr. Pratyush Rai Convener, CoSHA
5. To discuss a proposal the for the formation of a Warden Search and Selection Committee  Agenda (Mail) Mr. Kunal Kapila, Chairperson, Students' Senate
6. To consider the proposal for revamping of the "Green Opus" Proposal

Ms. Aayushi Bansal
Senate Nominee, CoSHA

7. To discuss measures to test water quality and form a policy for installation of water filters To be discussed in the meeting

Ms. Navanya Sharma
Hall-6 President

8. To consider for discuss certain clarifications from GH1 regarding mess operations To be discussed in the meeting Ms. Ekta
Mess Secretary, GH1
9. To discuss ways to account for representation of student residents in NRA-Tower To be discussed in the meeting

Mr. Pratyush Rai
Convener, CoSHA

10. To discuss ideas for ensuring provident fund for mess workers Document Mr. Abhishek Singh
President, Hall-12
11. To consider a proposal for dissolution of the Central Mess Committee (CWC) and having Mess Secretaries of all halls as members of CoSHA To be discussed in the meeting

Mr. Pratyush Rai
Convener, CoSHA

  Questions and Remarks if any    
  Any other items with the permission of the Chair.