Year 2009-10

This page contains records for the Gymkhana Year 2009-10.

Post Holders Post
Senate Officebearers
Ashish Agrawal Convener, Students' Senate
Nitish Kumar Parliamentarian, Students' Senate
Vivek Agarwal Finance Convener, Students' Senate
Nitish Maini Incharge, Hostel Affairs
C. Rahul Secretary, Students' Senate







Name Post Notes
Mohit Kumar Jolly President, Students' Gymkhana Till September 2009
Adarsh Mishra President, Students' Gymkhana From September 2009
Apoorva Krishna Srivastava General Secretary, Cultural  
Shilendra Singh Rajput General Secretary. Games  
Puneet Singh Rathor General Secretary, Science and Technology  
Naved Siddiqui General Secretary, Films and Media Council  





Records of Senators

Standing Committees

Record of the Meetings

–                           Agendas and Minutes

Meetings Date Link to Agendas Link to Minutes Additional
Joint Meeting March 2nd, 2009 Agenda Confirmed Minutes  
1st Meeting March 20th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
1st Special Meeting April 2nd, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
1st Emergency Meeting, 2009 April 5th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
2nd Meeting April 12th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
2nd Special Meeting April 12th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
3rd Meeting August 2nd, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
3rd Special Meeting August 16th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
4th Meeting September 13th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
2nd Emergency Meeting September 15th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
5th Meeting October 19th, 2009   Confirmed Minutes  
6th Meeting January 2nd, 2010   Confirmed Minutes  
7th Meeting February 7th, 2010   Confirmed Minutes  
4th Special Meeting February 24th, 2010   Confirmed Minutes  
8th Meeting March 20th, 2010   Confirmed Minutes  
Joint Meeting        



































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