Meetings (2012-13)


Agenda and Minutes
Meeting  Date Link to agenda Link to Minutes
1st Meeting 29th March, 2012


Confirmed Minutes
1st Special Meeting 2nd April, 2012

Interviews for Selection of Techkriti'13 Festival Coordinator

Confirmed Minutes
2nd Meeting 8th April, 2012 Agenda Confirmed Minutes
1st Emergency Meeting 19th April, 2012   Confirmed Minutes
3rd Meeting 5th August, 2012 Agenda Confirmed Minutes
4th Meeting 19th August, 2012 Agenda Confirmed Minutes
5th Meeting 3rd September 2012 Agenda Confirmed Minutes
2nd Special Meeting 24th September 2012    
6th Meeting 5th October 2012    
7th Meeting 17th October 2012    
8th Meeting 4th November 2012    
3rd Special Meeting 8th November 2012    
9th Meeting 30th December 2012    
4th Special 1st Januaury 2013    
10th Meeting 10th January 2013    
11th Meeting 3rd February 2013    
5th Special Meeting 3rd March 2013    
12th Meeting 5th March 2013    
Joint Meeting 20th March 2013    





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