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Games and Sports Council is the voice and face of IIT Kanpur sports community, responsible for management and conduction of all sporting events in the campus. This website is a forum for reaching out to the campus junta and beyond with news, achievements and experiences! A legacy of a determined struggle and expression of selfless passion!

Since its conception in 1962, the GnS Council has worked to promote more and more sports in the campus. We have come a long way, and have a lot further to go.

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Our Facilities

Old Sports Complex

Old Sports Complex

Old Sports Complex

New Sports Complex

Old Sports Complex

Main Sports Stadium

Old Sports Complex

Swimming Pool

Old Sports Complex

Lawn Tennis Court

Old Sports Complex

Hockey and Football Ground


GenSec GnS Council - IIT Kanpur

Sheeshram Choudhary

General Secretary, Games and Sports
Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur

"IITK sports is a community of sports enthusiasts who are maintaining their fitness even in these tough times. We have multiple events and talks around the year to keep you engaged both physically and mentally. There are ample opportunities for you to pick up a sport and learn it from the professional coaches. Do connect with like-minded sportspersons, as mentioned on the website, and be a part of an amazing sports community."


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