July 2019


Brown coloured leather wallet contains my id card name Shivam Goel and money.
If found pls contact 7355291522

Union Bank ATM card.

UBI ATM card in a sbi pocket.

ID card

Name: Faizal
Roll 14807233

Pendrive (32GB)

lost within27-06-2019 to 02-07-2019. I have not remembered the date and place exactly.
the Pendrive is password protected. Please return.


Found some rupees in front of hall-8 main gate. The owner can claim that money by providing its amount and other currency details.

Key Bunch

We lost the keys on the road from faculty apartments via VH to maingate on 5 July. It has a leather Honda key chain

Brown Wallet

Contains Institute ID Card, Aadhaar Card, 1K cash and a debit card (SBI). If found, please contact 7905318889, 7388783406.

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