September 2017

ID Card

I lost my I-card having the roll number-11209064 somewhere in the academic area or near the Hall 7.

STUDENT ID card 13807044 and SBI ATM card

ID card details roll no. 13807044. SBI ATM card. Both of these were kept in small fabric envelope provided by institute to keep ID card.

Two ATM cards: 1. State Bank of India, 2. South Indian Bank and my IITk ID card, Name- Aadit Narayanmurthy, 8095571606

The three cards- 2 ATMs and my IITk ID card have most probably fallen from my wallet, I think, in the academic area but elsewhere also.


Name on Card: AKSHAT VERMA
Roll No. 16103011; Hall-11, A-345
Mob: 7318018972

Motorola Turbo Charger

It is black and the shape of a square block. The typical charger that comes with a Moto g4. The USB cable is detachable.

Thin Spiral Notebook

A thin spiral notebook without hard cover with some important points written in bad handwriting.

Pendrive 16 GB

Dual flash Pendrive 16 GB (Black Colour)

ID Card-14204272

I have lost my ID card yesterday around 8-9 AM while coming back from NEW SAC.


Black Headphones

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