November 2015

red purse having ATM, IITk ID & 350 Rs

red cherry coloured purse having SBI ATM card, IITK ID & 350 Rs.

Laptop Bag

I lost my Dell laptop bag at around 630pm on Friday, 27th November 2015. My bag consisted a dell inspiron 15r laptop and a laptop charger.


Black coloured HTC Desire 600

ID card of IIT Bombay, of Karan Makhija

The id card of iit bombay, blue colour. Name- Karan Makhija

Adidas Bag with MacBook Air

I Lost my Blue colour Adidas bag in IME which had my MacBook in it on 7th November.


brand- HECULES, old, black colour, lock colour white. Name, mail id, roll no. (14996) is written by marker at rod front to the seat,

Green and Black Atlas Bicycle

I lost my green/black coloured ATLAS cycle in front of the DOAA office. If
someone had taken it by mistake, please contact me. I would be h

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