February 2015

HP Laptop Bag

My bag contains wallet(id-card, atm card) , earphone, otg cable, audio splitter


black colour,about 800 gb is filled


It contains my College ID Card, debit card, and some cash.

ID card, debit card, pan card, credit card , some money .

any one found my wallet please send me mail to or give a call to
my mobile number (8953440607).

HP Laptop Charger

HP invent HPU0292280

Grey Sweatshirt

There is BFG Jeans Co tag on the right. The sweatshirt has shades of grey and black. Found it 2 days ago

Key ring

Silver BMW key ring with 6 keys

Key ring

Antaragni key ring with 4 keys

Black vollet

Black vollet that had 1000 rupees(ten 100 rupee notes), my I-card, ICIC and SBI ATM cards.


I have lost my watch in evening time after a class at 6:30pm.

Brown Wallet

I have lost my brown wallet containing three debit cards, some cash and my identity card, probably near Hall XI.

Brown Wallet

It is brown in color and contains my icards and atm cards.

Black leather Wallet

lost a black leather wallet
contain ATM card
ID card
some cash

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