R i w a y a t

Presented by
Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur

Leader Board

About Riwayat

Riwayat is an inter-pool competition being organized this summer exclusively for all Y20s, be it UG or PG. The tournament will be contested by 6 competing pools consisting of UGs of Halls 2, 3, 5, 6, 12 and PG-Y20. There will be a total of 8 events organized and conducted by 4 cells. The pool with the maximum overall points at the end of Riwayat will be declared the champions!

Points per position in each event

1st  position      100% points
2nd position      70% points
3rd position       45% points
4th position       30% points
5th position       20% points
6th position       10% points

Points Distribution

Policymakers :                               12.5%
Sansad :                                          12.5%
Fake News/Satire Writing :          10%
Survey Design & Data Analysis : 10%
Comics :                                           5%
Speak in your language :              10%
Case Study Challenge :                 15%
Designathon :                                 25%

Events' Details

Competitions are being conducted over a span of 3 months, June to August.

For queries related to E-Cell, contact the Overall Coordinators and managers,
Khushboo Sachdeva , Shruthi Sureshkumar and Acanksha Jain

Our Team

Operations & Management

Speaker 4

Ghulam Farooqui

Chief Secretary, President's office

Speaker 5

Sanchit Goyal

Convener, Cells' Affairs Committee

Speaker 6


Secretary, President's office

Gyanendra, Suryansh Yadav, Vedant Gitte, Jahnvi Rochwani and Aditya Subramanian