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 Activities        Glding and Soaring

You can associate yourself with the gliding club as Joy-rider or by participating in any of the competition or workshops.


This is more than a ordinary Photography,where you have to capture the particular subject with suitable placement in particular frame but remember your relative position with respect to subject is changing continuously.Imagine the difficulty and think differently to capture the subject you want. The only event of its kind in whole India.

3) Gliding quiz:
It will include various technical general questions related to gliding.

4) Workshops:
i) Student Pilot Licence (SPL): Aviation ,Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft Engines.
ii) Gliding Pilot Licence :Dual Flying, Solo Flying

A visitor to IIT Kanpur has a pleasant surprise, a well-laid airstrip, a huge hangar and lots of gleaming flying machines. If he is lucky, a joyride in a glider to view the splendid green IIT campus and the glittering waters of the Ganga. It is a fact that, world over, you least expect to see such aviation setup in an educational institute. It is therefore natural that the question is asked, why this setup at IIT Kanpur?

The IITs were set up by the Government of India for providing engineering and technological education of internationally recognized excellence. .......
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Man has lived at the bottom of a sea of air from time immemorial and his very existence has depended on it. He has watched the birds for thousands of years and longed to imitate them. There have been stories of flying from the time records have been kept. There are legends like Etanas' flight in Babylon aboard a giant eagle, Ki-Kung-Shi in China on the flying chariot, the Persian King, Kai Kawus, Alexander the Great, the Greeks' winged horse Pegasus, the famous story of Daedalus and Icarnus, India's Pushpak Viman, Mercury of the Romans, etc. Everybody got into the flying act. Every culture and every society has its story on flying.

It was only in the eleventh century that the first believable story of Oliver of Malmesbury...........
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Gliding Club brings you the Introductory Lecture on Gliders and Cockpits.
The lecture will be mainly focused on the 'BASICS OF GLIDING AND COCKPIT CONTROLS' We will also have a session on the problem statements of fLYING PHOTOGRAPHY AND GLIDING QUIZ later.

Date : Friday 08/08/14
Time : 7.00 pm
Venue : L-16

Have you ever wonder?? How the pilot controls the whole aircraft while sitting in the cockpit....
To all such interested people we have INTRODUCTION TO COCKPIT SESSION.
After lecture INTRODUCTION TO COCKPIT SESSION will also be arrange where you will get a glimpse of COCKPIT in reality.

Date: 09/08/14
Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Venue: Flight lab

Note: This session is open for all.

We will be starting Student Pilot Licence (SPL) and Gliding Pilot Licence (GPL) Programmes soon.

Jorides Details

Next Joyride will be start on 16th August to 20th August

1.  Subsidy will be provided for the joy rides and the resulting charges will be Rs. 250 .
2.  Outsiders have to pay Rs.500 for each flight. No subsidy is provided. Family members of students are included in this category.
1.Joy Rides are always subjected to Weather conditions..
2. After a tremendous response for last Joyrides session, gliding club is back with the another Joyride session with Subsidy of '200' per student..
Now it is your turn to register for Joy rides
Joyride cost: Rs. 250/-(for IITK students only)
: Rs. 500/-(for family members of students)
Link for slot details and waitlist
Venue: Flight Lab.
Dates: 16/06/12
Glider Name: Pipistrel Sinus 912.
Timing are mentioned in the form.
All those people who are interested are requested to read the Instructions and fill the Spread Sheet.
DEADLINE for making the registration and paying the advance fee for booking slot is 11pm 14/06/12.
for any latest updates Keep visiting our website..
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Rules and Instructions:
1) As the number of joyrides are limited, Slots should be booked in advance. The Registration fee is 250/- per IITK students
2) Only the people who payed Registration fee in Advance are allowed to take joyrides.
3) Joyrides are subjected to Weather conditions. If any slot is cancelled due to weather the entire fee will be refunded.
4) People who failed to come with in the slot are not allowed for joyrides and only 50% of the money will be refunded.
5) Joyrides are based on first come first basis to airstrip in given slot.
6) Subsidies are provided only for IITK students.
7) Only Digicams are allowed. Mobile are not allowed.
For Paying Registration fee in advance contact

 Deepika kumawat   : 
 Vishal Jindal     : 
 Abhay Gaulechcha  : 
 Shivank Garg      : 
 Try to submit your registration fee according to time mention below
 Deepika(09:00pm to 10:00pm)
 Vishal(07:00pm to 09:00pm)
 Abhay(06:00pm to 08:30pm)
 Shivank(10:00am to 02:00pm)
 But you can contact these people any time.
Online Registration must be done before paying the Registration fee.Registration fees submission will be started from 12/06/12 -->