Deepak kumar

Tagline - #GnS4ALL

Post - General Secretary, Games and Sports

About - We talk about medals, we talk about the glory , let's talk about culture. I am Deepak Kumar, contesting for the post of General Secretary,Games and Sports. Since my first year, I have been actively involved in sports and I see the culture of games and sports has become limited to only contingent people , where the rest of junta do not relate with the activities going on. Leading Kabaddi team as a captain in Udghosh was my first taste in GnS, after then representing my hall as Sports Secretary and leading the council in present tenure as Associate head, I have got an idea as of what is required to make Games and Sports available for everyone, which in turn in depicted in my manifesto. I would request each and every student out there to vote for the benefit of our culture ,to make sure Gns_4_All becomes a true reality.

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