Galaxy, the inter hall cultural championship after a successful come back after many years last to last year is back again this year. Galaxy is scheduled to be held from 2nd Feburary to 7th Feburary, 2016. Meetings were held to decide the rules and competitions to be held, regulations, schedule, point system etc.

The Pool structure as decided on the senate floor would be:

Marathas - Hall 10 + Hall 8 (except I-block)
Mauryans - Hall 3 + Hall 7
Mughals - Hall 5 + Hall 11
Veeras - Hall 6 + GH 1 + Hall 8 ( I-block )

1. Hall 2 will not be part of any pool as decided by the Academic Senate.

2. All the students of UG Y13 and earlier batches can participate either from their parent pool or the Veeras. However, a minimum of 50% of girls would be required in a team in any group event. For individual events, the contestant needs to be from the parent pool.

3. Students of SBRA, Hall 4 and Hall 12 (except for the UG students) will participate openly.

4. U.G. students of Hall 12 can participate from their parent pool.