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The Biological Research and Innovation Network (BRaIN) is a hobby group under the Science and Technology Council, Student's Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur. We are a group of Biology enthusiasts with interests in different areas in Biology including Molecular Biology,Genetics and Evolution,Botany,etc. We organise a number of lectures and workshops with the help of the faculty at IIT Kanpur as well as guest lecturers from across the country. We also undertake different projects during the semester as well as during the holidays.















Last years Super-Sapien Winning Entries

The objective of this competition was to construct your own superhero and explain his/her superpowers using plausible biology concepts. And links to there docs

1st - Supersonic by Sashank Pisupati
2nd - Survivor X by Anshuman Mitra
3rd - Yeti by Nandha Kumar
4th - Agent Bionic by Arnab Biswas







List Of Projects Done In 2013

Wiki Links to Project

1.Alcohol Bio-sensor

2.Mutant Fly

3.Emotive Headset

4.Memory Mapper

5.Fly Tracker


Note: Detailed description will be uploaded soon.   


List Of Projects Done In 2012

Brain Decoding

Team Members: Divyaratn Popli, Rishabh Raj, Surjit Singh Gautam, Varun Pandit

In this project we tried to map brain waves using the emotiv headset and use it to do interesting stuff like playing games (racing,etc) with just 'thinking' about it.

1 Channel EEG

Team Members: Cynthia Haokip, Vikas Pratap Singh, Varun Pandit, Shivani Nayaka, Mounica Sarla, Neha Waghmare, Ajay Kumar Arya, Prince Kumar Lat.

In this project we tried to construct our very own EEG so that we could record brain waves for organisms like mice.

Family Tree Analysis

Team Members: Chirag Gagrani, Rahul Agrawal, Shashank Dixena

We made a program in C that analyses the existing family tree and predicts the nature of the trait and the probability of occurence in future generations.

Forest Simulation

Team Members: Aditya Tandon, Anurag Kaushal, Devendra Mandan

We simulated a forest in Java studying natural selection and population dynamics.

Genetically Modified Fly

Team Members: Shashank Dixena,Chirag Gagrani,Rahul Agrawal,Shashank Chepurwar,Monica Kapoor,Nikhil Agrawal,Shruti Agrawal,Nidhi Sahu,Harmanjit Singh,Rishabh Raj,Divyaratn Popli

In this project we genetically modified a fly to grow wings in place of its eyes.

Chromosome Chronicles

Team Members: Sandesh Chopade,Yashwant Remidi,Vineet, Sangh Priy

This project was a statistical study of the different parameters of chromosomes.

Tree DB


    Coming soon

    We will be tagging all big trees in the academic area and will add information about the trees on this page. The next time you see a tree, it won't just be a 'tree', it'll be something more. The database will be uploaded shortly.


For any suggestions regarding the website you may contact:

Aditya Tandon (adityat@iitk.ac.in)

Shubham Bhavsar (bhavsars @iitk.ac.in)


team imageSandesh Chopade

Room No: 372, Hall 3
Email ID: sandeshc@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 9554510408

team imageShashank Chepurwar

Room No:340, Hall 3
Email ID: shashanq@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 9198910489


team imageAshish aggarwal

Room No: 229, Hall 3
Email ID: ashishag@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 8090121254

team imageSandarsh Pandey

Room No: 361, Hall 3
Email ID: sandarsh@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 8953455047

team imageShubham Bhavsar

Room No: 216, Hall 3
Email ID: bhavsars@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 8563009828

team imageSahars Kumar

Room No: 219, Hall 3
Email ID: sahars@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 9651420011

team imageNandha Kumar

Room No: 232,Hall 3
Email ID: nandha@iitk.ac.in
Contact no.: 8765181156

Past Members

team imageDivyaratn Popli

Co-ordinator Session: 2012-13
Email ID: divyaratn@iitk.ac.in
Address: Hall1

team imageRishabh Raj

Co-ordinator Session:2012-13
Email ID: rrishu@iitk.ac.in
Address: Hall1

team imageAditya Tandon

Secretary Session:2012-13
Email ID: adityat@iitk.ac.in