Rules and Procedures Committee


The Rules and Procedures Committee is a Standing Committee of the Students' Senate which advises the Senate on matters pertaining to the Constitution and the Rules and Procedures of the Gymkhana. In particular, the opinion of the Rules and Procedures Committee on any Constitutional amendment must be tabled before the vote for the amendment takes place.

The Rules and Procedures Committee has the following composition (all of whom are elected by the Senate):

Name Post
Yash Maheshwari Parliamentarian, Students' Senate (Ex-Officio Convener)
Richeek Awasthi Chairperson, Student's Senate (Ex-Officio member)
Akshay Bajaj Senator MSR
Prakhar Ji Gupta Senator BT/BS-MT/MS/MBA Y15
Kartikeya Dhakad General Body Member

The Minutes of Meetings of the Rules and Procedures Committee, 2019-20 are maintained by the current Parliamentarian here: