Finance Committee

The Primary aim of the Finance Committee is to manage the finances of the Students' Gymkhana, and it shall control and supervise the executive wings of the Gymkhana. It reports to the Senate of Finances and Accounts periodically as prescribed by the Senate. It comprises of four people, a Finance Convener and three members who are selected by the Senate. Their contact details are given below:

Name Email-ID Room No. Ph. No.
Finance Convener      
Shyamsunder Sihotia Hall 1, C-206 7754916122
Praharsh Mohanlal Patel Hall 9, E-114 9621258101
Deepali Gupta Hall 3, 356 8953453837
Karthik S S Gorada Hall 8, D-216 7376652916


Details of financial status of –


1) Cultural Council

2) Films and Media Council

3) Games and Sports Council

4) Presidential Council

5) Science and Technology Council

6) Chairperson Account

7) Pool Expenditure

8) SSF


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