Council of Festival Affairs (COFA)

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At the recommendation of the Convener, Students' Senate (2011-12), in its 1st Meeting, the Students' Senate (2012-13) considered the issue of the monitoring of Gymkhana Festivals (Antaragni, Techkriti and Udghosh) from the side of the Senate. The Senate constituted a committee in its 3rd Meeting to look into the possibility of a Standing Committee of the Senate which would monitor festivals more efficiently than the Senate by itself can.

The committee submitted its report in the 12th Meeting, which was accepted by the Senate. It was decided that instead of amending the Constitution straightaway, for one year, this method of monitoring festivals would be done by constituting ad-hoc subcommittees of the Students' Senate. Then, depending on how these committees work, the final amendment would be drafted.

The salient features of the report are the following:

  • 3 Committees of Festival Affairs (COFA) be constituted: one for each festival.
  • 2 members of each COFA must be nominated by the ex-Festival Core Team.
  • The President, Students' Gymkhana; Chairperson, Students' Senate and General Secretary of the associated Council (Games and Sports for Udghosh, Cultural for Antaragni and Science and Technology for Techkriti) shall be members of the respective committees.
  • Convener, COFA shall be elected from the Senate and shall be the same for all three committees. He shall chair all three meetings.
  • 2 Senate nominees shall be part of all three committes, one UG Senator and one PG Senator.

The Senate desired that a policy document be framed for the functioning of the COFA for the year 2013-14, which could then be used as a template for the final template. This policy document was presented in the 1st Meeting of the Students' Senate (2013-14), and was accepted by the Senate. Elections were subsequently held for the committee. The details of the COFA Convener, Senate nominees and the ex-Core Team nominees is given below:

Contact Details of the Convener, COFA
Name Shayandev Sinha
Roll No.  
Email ID
Room No. A309, Hall 1
Phone No. +91-8004974055

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