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  The Parliamentarian, Students' Senate is elected from among the Senators, and advises the Senate on all matters relating to the Constitution of the Students' Gymkhana and the Rules and Procedures of the Senate. When required on the floor of the Senate, he/she interprets the Constitution or the Rules and Procedures, and such interpretation is considered final. The Parliamentarian, Students' Senate is the ex-officio Convener of the Rules and Procedures Committee. The Parliamentarian, Students' Senate, in the following situations, acts as the Chairperson, Students' Senate, and chairs the corresponding sessions of the Students' Senate:

  • Absence of the Chairperson, Students' Senate
  • During a censure motion whose defendant is the Chairperson, Students' Senate


Contact Details of the Parliamentarian, Students' Senate (2013-14)
Name Anurag Sahay
Roll No. 11141
Email ID
Room No. 117, Hall 3
Phone No. +91-8953456155

  The following documents will be made available by the present Parliamentarian at all times:

The following documents are being made available here by the present Parliamentarian due to their relevance to the Students' Senate (2013-14):

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